Sunday, June 26, 2005
Day two - so far no action
OK, I haven't told anyone about this yet so obviously there's no action!!! Hopefully y'all will back read my ramblings and get an idea how this future world famous blog was started.

Speaking of y'all. Went out with Sara 1 from Stitch n' Bitch and Crazy Aunt Purl yesterday, hence the y'all. CAP says "y'all" a lot. I think the word works regardless of the fact that I was born and raised in Los Angeles and so I don't care that I'm not supposed to use it. I'm going to use it. L.A., after all is in the South - Of California!

I learned a new phrase - "breakfast dessert". Did not know about another possible occasion for dessert. Great. Just what I needed.

Anyway, we went to Ellen's yard sale where I found a mighty fine collapsible sawhorse. I have no freaking idea what I'm going to do with it but I love it. Really. Then I took my hostages to Michael Levine Loft where we almost were trapped in a refrigerator box of polyester and sport mesh. It was orgasmic. We spent two hours there and we came out with a combined total of 36 pounds of fabric. I cannot tell you how loud we were. I think we made the rest of the patrons seriously uncomfortable. Here is a picture of my personal haul.

Then I found this totally fabulous piece of psychedelic fleece large enough for a blanket and this little girl, maybe 13 or so gasped. I could not help myself. I gave it to her. She will be me in a lot of years. Hopefully without all the therapy.

After the Loftapalooza, we started to aimlessly drive back to the city when Sara mentioned the words IKEA and sale in the same sentence, at which point my car (trusty little Honda Civic that she is) turned north toward Burbank.

We fizzled out somewhere in lighting where I couldn't decide between a Morker and a Tertial. I ended up with the Tertial with the Magnesit base. All eighty two pounds of it. Seriously it weighed down my car (again trusty, Honda, little, etc.).

I freed my hostages around 5 p.m. and went off to the Andersons home for the loveliest BBQ steak and homemade ice cream in the world. Also, the donut (I'll put a picture of him up very soon) threw up half a cantaloupe and Wes and I made a blanket fort where we took his trusty (again with the trusty?) hippo flashlight and Where the Sidewalk Ends. Only my favorite book. We read "What's in the Sack?" "Ickle me Pickle me Tickle me too" "Pirate Captain Jim" "Melinda Mae" "The long haired boy" and "For Sale". If I remember correctly, this was my favorite one growing up because really it's about a sister for sale and at the time, I was ready to take a dollar. Now I love my sister but then, I'd have maybe taken fifty cents...Sorry Shannon! Kristin finished up with a favorite "Hug a War". It was a really good night.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Fembot!

This old queer is happy to hear from you...any subject...any way.

I join Janekwondo in saying, bring on the therapy rants...and especially the buttsex.

Loving and adoring you as always.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Faith Doll! Yes, Crazy Auntie wants us all to have blogs. I sorta' started playing around with one, but I can't quite figure out how to make my photos small when I upload them.

Glad you picked up some faboo stuff at my yard sale and at Levine's Loft. See you at the WeHo SnB on Thursday!

Best of luck with your blog!

Blogger Sara said...

Thank you for being the driver on Saturday. I had so much fun at the Loft, even if I haven't been that filthy in years!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

AHA!!!!! See, with the comments? You are now Fembot, in all your blog glory! heh.

Saturday was the best time ever, and I can't believe ya'll didn't know about breakfast dessert. I feel so proud and fine that I could introduce you to it :)

Hey! Sorry I talked your ear off for eleventy hundred hours last night! Bye!

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