Friday, June 24, 2005
My first post to my new blog...
Well, we'll see how this goes...

I'm starting this blog mostly because of the inspirational Crazy Aunt Purl who is just too too fab for words. Her blog is just so damned funny, I thought I'd see if I could manage something on my own. I figured I'd fess up on the first page because eventually she's going to see this and say "OK, so I have a very successful blog and then you jump on the proverbial bandwagon. Great!) Maybe she won't say proverbial, but whatever.

As you may know, or may not if you haven't read my intro, I'm queer, I'm married (yes legally) to a gay man. His name is Michael. He's from Long Island, so not a foreign country, but damned close to it. We live in a big queer apartment that is anal retentively clean (or is that anally retentively???).

Speaking of which, if you don't appreciate the word anal, I'd move on, I think there's going to be a lot of that here... I imagine there's also going to be some discussion of the very fascinating worlds of therapy, limousines and knitting/crocheting.

So let me be clear - we're going to be talking about butt sex, yarn, cars and my shrinks. Woo hoo! Jump on people!
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Blogger Karen said...

Welcome to the fun world of blogging!! It's as fun to post as it is to stalk.

CAP is the Queen of bloggers!!!

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