Tuesday, June 28, 2005
Liam and my latest theories
Go to sleep, post on blog...hmmm. Post on blog.

Today I went to see my friend Jill. Jill and I have been friends since we were two years old. I have known her since we were picking our noses in public. I have pictures, I just can't find them right now. It's 11 p.m. You'll have to forgive me. Now she's a Ph.D. Smart chick.

Anyway, Dr. Jill and her rocket scientist husband, Patrick, just had a baby named Liam. I came up with a song about Liam in my dreams one night. I dreamed it was a really good song and when I woke up I was singing it.

It wasn't a really good song. It went like this: "Liam Liam Liam Liam Liam Liam Liam Liam Liam Liam Liam Liam" Not nearly as chart topping as I remembered in my dream. So this is a photo of Liam and Jill from today. The photo is from before the barfing began. By the way, Liam, in addition to being short for William, is Li' Am meaning "My People" in Hebrew. Pretty cool, huh?

This kid is seriously cute and his hair is unreal. I swear he was born with a mohawk. It looks like they are putting gel in his hair every day but let me tell you, there has not been enough sleep in this household to know where gel might be much less to actually get it in his hair.

I wasn't going to post any other pictures but a picture of me holding Liam made me laugh hard. He seriously looks like he's saying who the fuck is this chick and why is she holding me like this? Can you see his raised eyebrow?

After Jill's pad, I went to therapy (big surprise) and then on to Stitch n' Bitch.

We came to a few conclusions at our meeting this evening:
1. Scientologists do not believe in knitting because it is therapeutic
2. There is probably no intelligent life in the universe (other than a few of us.)
3. Brittany double pointed needles could, in theory, be used to make shish kabobs
4. Tom Cruise has probably always been insane and firing his manager was not a smart thing
5. You can take the CBEST stoned and still pass it
6. Goats make excellent wedding presents (see Heifer International for more info)

These are my words of "wisdom". Enjoy!
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Blogger K8 said...

Woohoo - another blogger! I missed the goat conversation last night - sigh. Such a cute baby :)

Anonymous L.A. Ell said...

Faith Doll!

Love the pic of you holding Liam! Too cute. Guess I'm missing out by not attending the SM SnB meetings....you discuss such interesting topics!

See you at the WeHo SnB.


Anonymous Brantlea said...

Damn, your revelations from Stich n Bitch really make me miss it. I am going to try to get over there this week! Maybe WeHo? This Tom Cruise thing has really pissed me off, I could've used some bitching about it!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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