Monday, June 27, 2005
Hakova Sheli
For all of you Hebrew school dropouts and shiksas, the title is translated "My Hat." If you ask nicely I'll sing you the song. If you bring me something sparkly I'll even do the hand movements that go with the song.

Here is my first hat. I've made about a bazillion knit and crocheted hats but this is my first constructed hat. It is a lovely hat. I want to spend all of my time making hats and writing funny things to make you people laugh. I'm trying to do more of this, and less running around making sure that everyone else is happy - hence all of the therapy. Three times a fucking week! I need a lot of therapy.

For those of you who knew me when, I was certain that I didn't need therapy. Therapy is great for other people but not for me. HA! Ha ha ha ha! I put off therapy, which is every neurotic lesbian Angelina with a gay husband and crazy parents' right and so now I am making up for it.

Serves me right for being all saner-than-thou. Just in case you all haven't figured it out, I'm a fucked up mess. So there.

As this is my third post in my blog, I thought I would let y'all in on the point of this. I write a lot in my journal. Constantly. Michael (the gay husband) wonders, "What is it that she writes in this journal?" Mostly it's just crap about my day, how sucky my struggle with eating disorders is and what I want to do with the rest of my life. Sometimes though, I make myself laugh. I think, "this is being wasted just on me, but y'all don't need to know what I've thrown up today" so I've decided to edit the barfing stuff (aren't you thrilled!) and put in the stuff that makes me laugh. Hopefully it will make you laugh too.

If it does, send me a comment or an e-mail. I might just make you a hat!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Ok, what is it about hats that makes them SO DAMN ADDICTIVE? Really. Hats are to me what misbehavin' is to Bobby Brown. You know you should stop, but you don't even want to.

Also, wow, weird Bobby Brown reference.

Therapy three times a week? I'm so jealous! I can't go to therapy right now, all I would do is cry, and I can do that for free at home.

And look at all the living out loud you're doing! Feels good, huh? Sometimes I marvel that I ever lived without it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your hat--it is beautiful! I'm currently obsessed with miniature art quilts myself, but I am intrigued by the idea of sewing a hat. I took an after-school hat making class in junior high, which I haven't thought about in years (I wonder where those hats went?!).
Anyway, I just stumbled upon your blog and I will be checking in promises to be entertaining and enlightening!

Blogger Sara said...

The hat is lovely! On the therapy note, I do think we're more content when we admit our own personal level of craziness.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi you!

I miss you. I'm so glad you have a blog so that I can keep up on your happenings.

We should get together sometime soon. You can show me your hat, I can show you my stuff.

I have a blog too. check it out.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Faith Doll,
Do you think you can compete with Crazy Auntie for the number of COMMENTS? Forget about it! Auntie is the Queen of Comments. You'll be fine if maybe 3-6 people a day comment. By the way, LOVE the hat!

P.S. I'm working on a blog myself...aha!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah! I'm so impressed that Sara has figured out how to add her photo to your comments!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me too! How did Sara do that? I am so jealous! LOL. And look how cute and happy Sara is in her picture, makes me laugh and smile everytime I see it. Too funny!

Blogger Roberta S said...

Love that hat. Absolutely love it. And green is my best color. (not today though, with my green-with-envy face coloring).

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