Friday, October 02, 2009
A nice place to lay your head
Last year I attended a friend's wedding in Pacific Grove, CA. I haven't been up to the Monterey area in many years and I had no idea where I would stay. As I looked through the list of hotels, one quaint scenic hotel after another, I checked on some travel review site and the review that caught my eye was this:

"But the main dislike was the fact that our room - and on that basis over half of the rooms - overlook a graveyard."

I took the plunge. I love old graveyards. I spent pretty much all of my free time in Boston taking photos of historic gravestones and will likely take some photos when I'm up in Rhinebeck in two weeks.

Despite the fact that I have no intention of being buried (cremation and remains tossed surreptitiously and without fanfare off the coast of Hawai'i near Kalapana) I have always appreciated the study of the symbology and ritual of memorialization.

Here are some of the photos I took in Boston and Pacific Grove (guess which are which!)


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Blogger John AKA Reggaexx said...

That gravestone with the skull and crossbones is absolutely fantastic! Great photos!

Blogger Shawn Robare said...

I have to agree, a hotel room overlooking a graveyard seems like a plus to me...

Blogger Faith said...

Thanks Reggaexx! And thanks Shawn for putting this whole thang together!

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