Tuesday, July 25, 2006
When life gives you AIDS....make lemonAIDS!
This is another quote from my lovely, talented, and catty husband. Actually it's a quote from my favorite Jewess, Sarah Silverman from her "Jesus is Magic" film. Which I loved. I am also fond of the magazine - Heeb. Catty, just like Sarah and Michael...hmmm. Perhaps it's a theme. Something to look into during therapy maybe?

By the way, he doesn't have AIDS, just HIV infection. I just thought I'd share. Also, if you've never seen the Family Guy episode where Peter and his a cappella group sing to a guy that has "full-blown AIDS, not HIV but full-blown AIDS!" you have GOT to check it out. I was speechless. Then I laughed so hard I almost wet myself. Pretty! Then my sister called to see if I had seen it, cautiously wondering what I thought. The laughing part of me answering the phone pretty much gave it away.

I'm working on a number of clinical trials at once today and am very, very busy. Therefore, this will be the end of my post.

More tomorrow.


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Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Lemons, limes. It's a whole citrus theme with you, huh?!

Blogger Susan said...

I've clicked over here a few times through links in Crazy Aunt Purl's posts. I've enjoyed your writing, and today, with little to do at work, I've gotten to read it all! Thanks for the sharing. I've loved hearing about your unconventional and beautiful marriage. And about the work you do for a cause I may not have chosen as my #1, but one about which I care so deeply. Your writing has been so brave- really, it radiates strength. Thanks for the boost.

Blogger Faith said...

Thanks Susan! I appreciate the feedback!

Also, mg, yes. Perhaps next I will write about the lovely grapefruit.


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