Thursday, July 07, 2005
Faith finally figured out fotos!!!
Just an FYI to all of my L.A. readers. Laurel Canyon has apparently developed a very large sink hole and is therefore, closed to all traffic at least through the weekend. End of report.

Here are some photos from my week. You can see what I did. First, as I told you, I went to a big ol' motorcycle hangout called Newcomb's Ranch. Here are some of our fellow riders. The guys in the vests with the big patches on the back were really sweet. The whole biker thing is really segmented, quite a lot like the rest of our society. The cruiser (think Harley-looking bikes for those of you not in-the-know), is what we have but we have a Honda cruiser which is gorgeous and awesome and way more reliable than a Harley (which I'm not going to get into here because tensions can run very high on this issue). All of the bikers on cruisers, whether a Harley, Honda, Suzuki, Indian, etc. all have a secret wave on the road. We only wave at other cruisers. Now check out the right hand side of this photo. These are sport bikes. Sport bikes are also called crotch rockets. They do not wave to us and we do not wave to them. I've tried. It doesn't work. They do not wear the same gear and they generally don't have passengers. When they do, she is usually hanging on for dear life, whereas I can take pictures at 80 miles and hour and feel very safe.

Then, we traveled back to the valley where I got all "safe" at 80 miles an hour and took a photo on the 134 freeway. Check out the speedometer. We are totally riding over the speed limit!!! We are so bad! I had a lot of fun on this ride. I have more pictures if you ever want to see them. So that was my Saturday. Michael and I also saw Bewitched where I learned that I am not the only psycho that eats Cool Whip straight out of the tub. Gross but yummy.

On Monday, we had a little family 4th of July gathering and the Anderson clan came. Here is a picture of Kristin with the ever-angelic Grant.

He has the cutest hair. He doesn't really talk a lot and when he does it's pretty unintelligible, but that's ok because his big brother Wesley knows what he's saying. He does know how to say "bubbles" and Wesley spent a good deal of the afternoon making bubbles so that Grant could jump around and pop the bubbles and say "Bubbles!!!" This is a picture of Wesley making bubbles.

As it should be, the kids stayed in the pool until their lips were blue, which seems to be the international sign for "really, now it is time to get out of the pool." Despite all previous attempts, this time seems to work with the least amount of resistance.

As proscribed, we had chips, burgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, beans and an apple crisp. Could this be any more American? Two tow headed children playing with sparklers would be the coup de grace. So we did that too.

On Tuesday night, after a rousing therapy session (had to get that in there somewhere), I went to Stitch n' Bitch Santa Monica, the original L.A. Stitch n' Bitch. It was a slow night, only about 12 people showed up - however, we had a special surprise guest! Brantlea, who left us to move to the San Gabriel Valley showed up with her knitted womb. The knitted womb pattern is from Knitty if anyone's interested. It is such a pretty and life-sized womb.

My camera, after all of these events, finally gave out right after this picture.

So this is my week. So exciting! So filled with all-American goodness.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, my boobs look good there.....

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love that womb!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I brought the womb to work today to show off (I work in photography). You wouldn't believe how many people asked me "what's the point?"

are you kidding me? What's the point? It's a knitted womb, that is the point! It's just Awesome! Thanks so much to MK Carroll for the pattern.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Faith and Brantlea!
I love the womb. You did a great knit job on it, Brantlea! Faith Doll, you must keep an extra camera battery in your motorcycle bag in order to capture every single crochet and knit photo!!!!

Blogger Sara said...

great womb!

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