Friday, July 01, 2005
Stitch n' Bitch and We-Hos

SnB WeHo as everyone knows, is a huge ass party every Thursday night. It wasn't always this way. We used to be a rag tag bunch of knitters and crocheters until early this year when Ellen contacted Crazy Aunt Purl who came to a meeting and brought all of her devotees. Now we have people bringing bottles of wine and festive munchies, name tags and all manner of accessories. I love it. Here is a photo from last night's event.

We even had some hip Russian grandpa and his very embarrassed 10 or 11 year old grandson come look at all of our projects after they played a couple of raucous rounds of backgammon. People are fascinated by us...

In other news, Michael and I, perennial media whores, were interviewed for an upcoming issue of Frontiers Newsmagazine today. They are doing an issue of gay entrepreneurs and we have such an interesting story, what with the marriage and the gay and the lesbian and the hey...(shout out to Professor Frink). Look for it in the coming months.

Believe me, I'll let you know when it comes out.

Today is also the 6th anniversary of Michael's lover Jeff's death. He was 28 when he died. We miss him a lot. He was a very big person - mostly, but not entirely in his personality. He loved music and Michael and his mom. He wasn't always a sweetheart but I loved him and I know he loved me.

Happy Independence Day!!! Perhaps someday soon we'll achieve it.


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Blogger Christie said...

Hey Faith! Aw...I miss you SNB'ers. Sucks that I'm exercising my artistic sensiblibities on Thursday nights again. At least I can blog stalk you. Prepare yourself to be commented upon!

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