Friday, June 16, 2006
Principles of blogging
Blogging is such a weird thing. Bloggers are putting their lives out there for anyone to read. Of course most blogs aren't mean to be scholarly or necessarily educational. Some blogs are downright silly - which is totally great if that's what they're going for. Some are hideously boring (again, if that's what they want - more power to them). Some blogs out there I am awed and honored that I have had the opportunity to read.

This is such a different time in the world. In the not too distant past, to have our stories read by others we would have to get a book deal or become infamous. Today, I can write my story in a few paragraphs a day and anyone in the world can take a look at what I choose to pick out of my brain and lay out in the ether.

Here are some guidelines that, I think I have been following, but I am really going to try to live by, in terms of blogging. This is directly from Liz of I Speak of Dreams. They are her blogging principles which I have picked up for use because, frankly, I didn't feel they needed to be altered.

Is it true?

Is it good?

Will it be useful (to me or to my readers)?

If I can't verify the truth, I won't post it. If it isn't in service of the good, I won't write about it. If it isn't useful to me or to others, I won't post it.

Purpose: I maintain this blog to write about issues and events that interest me, horrify me, enrage me, amuse me, or enlighten me. This blog reflects my views and opinions. Feel free to disagree, be bored, or offended. I do hope you will find things with which to agree, be entertained, or pleased.


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Blogger Allison said...

...and that's why I like reading your blog!

Blogger Elizabeth McClung said...

I would add: "Does it bend the mind of others?"

Blogging is about persona's I think - becuase no one blogs about all of themselves and often the most "successful" blogs are those which are obsessive aspects which draws others sharing obsessive aspects.

Course blogging about blogging - how metacognative.

I will say (personally) that blogging to an unlimited audience with limited information is a challenge. Thanks for passing these tenets along.

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