Thursday, October 12, 2006
Prostitution, Cocaine and Judgie McJudgestein
Do you ever get the feeling that maybe W just doesn't make those important neural connections?

That his advisors are all standing around saying things like, "Um, sir, I think we should look at this another way....maybe...we should read some of the data coming out and uh, what scientists are saying...."

And 43 says something to the effect of "I'm the sayer! I say what goes. The scientists, well, they're entitled to their opinions but I'm sayin' that this is what we should do. So I'm also the doer."

And his advisors just have to shrug their shoulders, say, "Thank you, Mr. President." and leave the man to his dreams of talking mice in haybales.

Where did this all come from? Yesterday, the AP reported a story that the administration is requiring groups receiving federal AIDS funding to sign a pledge explicitly saying that they oppose prostitution and sex trafficking.

Last year, DKT, a Washington D.C. based non-profit that distributes condoms to sex workers in Vietnam, Brazil, China, Indonesia, India, Ethiopia, Sudan and focuses on family planning refused to sign the pledge and sued the US Agency for International Development.

Mr. Bush. Here's the thing. If an agency, let's say an anti-cocaine using agency, reaches out to coke addicts saying, "We are opposed to cocaine." How much trust are they going to gain among coke addicts? Do you think a coke addict is going to want to listen to the person (Judgie McJudgestein) representing this agency?

On the other hand, if a recovery agency came to a coke addict and said, "We know you like cocaine. Cocaine obviously brings something to your life. Sometimes the cocaine is good to you. Sometimes, though, isn't the cocaine maybe not so fun? Sometimes don't you wish you had the money that you spent on cocaine back? Once in a while are there things you wish you hadn't done while on cocaine?"

"Why yes Mr. Recovery man! Yes I do! Perhaps you could help me learn some skills to stay off the cocaine! I might not succeed every time, but if you keep coming back to Texas to remind me why I decided to stop using cocaine, eventually I'll get better and better and not need so much snow!"

"I will come back Mr. Son with a silver spoon up his nose. I will come back and remind you. In the meantime, here are some ideas for things to do instead of using cocaine. Practice these and I'll see you again. Not to judge your behavior, but to help you to change it."

One of these things is not like the other... which one has been proven to be more successful Mr. President? Well, you're the decider, I guess we'll have to let you decide....


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Blogger Elizabeth McClung said...

yes, I find it so disgusting the almost visual conflict within certain individuals/political parties/nations when confronting the notion that people are equal and worth saving, even when they don't have the same morals as you - which is of course abondoned when you deal with prostitutes (because as we know, "whores" are just disposable humans, along with junkies, gays, and people in prison).

It is also ironic in that russian roulette sort of way that the same administration is giving tax cuts to big pharma to do human trials on these same prostitutes for AIDS and STD drugs - I guess the old morality clause has a "forget if useful as human test subjects" clause. Sorry I'm bitter, just can't think of something positive to say about this except thanks for saying it and reminding people again and again that when you condemn people BEFORE you give the opportunity for change, then blame them for not changing, how useful is that?

Blogger dizzy von damn! said...

i don't think that GW is going to be able to relate to this metaphor, as he is a good christian man and would never EVER do something along those lies, oop i meant lines.

Blogger Uccellina said...

They're not interested in effectiveness, they're interested in moral high ground for the purposes of re-election.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is anyone really for sex trafficking? I mean, besides the traffickers.

Oh, George, you scamp.

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