Wednesday, July 11, 2007
Bribing the bureaucracy
A couple of months ago I talked about what I do for a living - it involves ethics and clinical trials.

Yesterday in China, the government executed Zheng Xiaoyu, former chief of the State Food and Drug Administration for taking bribes and damaging the reputation of the safety of Chinese food and drugs.


I'm not thrilled with this administration but:

A) I'm glad none of my f-ups reached this level - of course I've also never taken a bribe. Lately, it's become so strict around here that we're not even allowed to use pharmaceutical company pens or notepads in the clinic. Forget pharma lunches...those are completely a thing of the past. So unless sitting with a pharma rep and listening to them talk about their super-cute new doggie is considered a bribe...and I don't think it is...then I've definitely never taken a bribe. Phew!

B) Despite the fact that W has damaged the reputation of this country and compromised our safety beyond all reasonable measures, probably taken innumerable bribes (Halliburton anyone?) - I still wouldn't recommend the death penalty.

C) If I thought for one minute that it would make my job any easier I would consider taking the entire IRB out on a golf retreat or some such thing, but frankly I think it would just leave them further behind...

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Blogger Fluffycat said...

I heard about this on the radio. I know it sounds pretty extreme, but I was thinking that maybe if some administrators in the US had a threat of death, they might act a bit more moral and ethical. I dunno if the death penalty is really a deterrent, but it sucks how some people get off with warnings and a fine for something so horrible that many people die from their negligence.

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