Monday, July 07, 2008
Los Angeles, love it, or bitch about it...
The question on AskMeFi yesterday was:

Okay LA folk... time to tell me... what are your favorite things about/in Los Angeles? Especially your favorite hidden secret stuff that maybe only locals know of. Or super good deals or scenes that make you happy. Stuff that actually makes you stop for a second and think, "Man, I love this place" whether you want to or not.
My answer is below although I thought y'all would get something out of looking at what everyone else had to offer.

First and foremost, the fact that L.A. is the city that never works. Any hour of any day the bookstores and coffeehouses are filled with people reading, loafing, listening to their iPods talking on their cells. I have always lived here and I recognize this as unique about our city.

On to more:
the L.A. Arboretum
Abuelitas on Topanga Canyon
Angeles Crest Highway on motorcycle
Newcomb's Ranch on Angeles Crest Highway
H.D. Buttercup
Hiking the Santa Susana pass and the fabulous rocks up there
Dinah's Family Restaurant
The palm trees lining Sherman Way
Watching flights come in from the limo lot at LAX
Watching flights take off from Dockweiler Beach around a campfire
Lack of traffic on Jewish holidays
Michael Levine's (and the rest of the garment district)
Hollywood Farmer's Market
Studio City Farmer's market
Bob's Big Boy on Riverside
Chandler bike path
The L.A. County Fair (and the hilarious commercials)
The Lotus Festival
The Dragon Parade at the Lunar new year

I could keep going forever, and I guess I just wanted this list to exist so that I could keep referring to it. I'm going to add more. Add yours in comments!


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Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Oh Wow! This just happens to be my FAVORITE subject EVER!!!! They don't call me "L.A. Ell" for nothin'

1. The fantastic weather
2. The Original Farmers Market @ Third and Fairfax
3. Tons of ethnic restaurants
4. Mid-century modern architecture
5. The hidden Garden of Oz in Beachwood Cyn
6. Looking at the City at night from Bluebird Way in the West Hollywood hills
7. World class museums and art galleries
8. Shopping, shopping, shopping. You can get ANYTHING in Los Angeles from around the world
9. The many small yarn store possibilities (although, these are dropping like flies)
10. My L.A. native husband, Mr. Larry
11. The Metro/Subway...even though it doesn't go everywhere...we can hope that someday it will
12. The newly remodeled Griffith Park Observatory

There are so many more things that I love about my hometown...just search "Los Angeles" on my blog to read about more faboo places and things to do!

Blogger Allison said...

OK, as someone who is leaving LA by choice, I bet you thought this list would be pretty short, but it's not. There are some really great things about LA that I will miss.

1. the weather, except in July-September (HOT.)
2. The Marina Water Bus - $1 ferry around the marina. The whole tour is
3. Camping in SoCal - especially on Catalina Island's Two Harbors campground and Malibu Creek (where they filmed MASH.)
4. Chinatown - especially that huge department store and the awesome restaurants
5. The city of LA's awesome parks. Some of the best maintained city parks I've ever seen, and they are everywhere!
6. About 40 yarn shops and a really active knitting/crocheting community.
7. Even in bad traffic, you're never a few hours from the ocean, desert, city or mountains.
8. The beach by lifeguard stands 28-30 at the Venice/SM border. It's never crowded.
9. The Venice/SM bike path.
10. This is, hands down, the best place to have a garage sale. I always make BANK.

Blogger Allison said...

Oh, and hell, how could I forget the most important thing?

11. The best Mexican food anywhere in the US.

Blogger Gwen said...

1. The Beverly Hills Public Library, hands down my favorite library ever
2. The Farmers Market
3. Famima, my favorite one-stop-shop for snacks and magazines before a trip or when I just want a lazy day at home
4. Runyon Canyon, even though I pretty much die from heatstroke if I go any time other than in winter
5. The best movie theaters in the world, hands down - the Arclight, the El Capitan, Mann's Chinese
6. The knitting community, obviously :)
7. Disneyland, and the ability to go when it's totally empty and see all the interesting things that the tourists miss (like the art gallery in New Orleans Square that was originally intended to be Walt Disney's apartment, but he died before it was completed)
8. The Getty, which is worth the price of parking just to walk around the buildings, never mind the exhibits (which are also great)
9. The Hollywood Bowl
10. The El Rey - like the Wiltern, it's old and gorgeous, but it's smaller and attracts a better mix of people
11. Fourth of July Dodger games - you get to sit on the outfield to watch the fireworks!

I had to put up my own list at my blog.

I love LA!!!

Blogger Lars Shalom said...

gay jewsih aliens

Blogger Chaimster said...

There's hechshered protein powder at Whole Foods! I've been buying the stuff by the pallet for my morning smoothies.

Blogger Go Peigi Go said...

1. The Museum of Jurassic Technology
2. Los Angeles Critical Mass
3. Dockweiler bonfire pits on the beach
4. McCabe's guitar store
5. Doo Dah Day Parade in Pasadena
6. Avacado on anything and everything
7. Sushi on every corner
8. Samosa House
9. Downtown Culver City
10. Mao's Kitchen
11. Tara's Himalayan Cuisine
12. Even if the Metro can't get ou there, the wonderful bus system can

When I was living in Las Vegas and feeling lonely a friend of mine said, "Just wait till you move to LA, it won't be a matter of finding cool people, but finding the time to spend with all of them." It's so true. I have, against my will, made LA into a comfortable little nest and I couldn't be more in love.

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