Tuesday, September 02, 2008
Karl Rove schemed the whole thing...

  • Sarah Palin was chosen as McCain's VP effectively stealing the thunder of Obama's nomination speech.
  • Issues surrounding Palin's daughter's pregnancy, ties to Abramoff, earmarks scandal and AIP affiliation are found (as Karl Rove knew they would be).
  • Sarah Palin gets chewed by media and Democrats - both making themselves look like assholes - Dems for ad hominem attacks and media for putting the daughter of a candidate on display.
  • Palin, due to the scandals, pulls her name from the ticket so as not to "drag the campaign down" and becomes a martyr to the Republican machine.
  • McCain "chooses" another Repub (Mitt Romney perhaps?) knowing that the "Mormon thing" won't be scrutinized nearly as much now that the dogs have been fed raw meat...

Just my theory...watch for the outcome!!!


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Blogger fleecyknits said...

I so wish I could disagree with you. I can't tell you (I probably don't even need to) how unhappy the whole situation makes me feel.

Blogger Unknown said...

I, too, wish I thought your theory was half-baked. This is the one time when I think there AREN'T enough conspiracy theorists in this country.

Vote early. And often.

Blogger PiscesCafe said...

Did you ever see the movie "Idiocracy"? I feel that we are living to see it all take place...idiots are taking over the world.

I agree with your scenario, even mentioned the same one to a co-worker today. But Lieberman is the one who is going to step in.

Christine G.

Blogger Miss Janey said...

Miss J has had similar thoughts... i.e. that Palin is just a red herring to be removed shortly to make way for the real candidate.

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