Wednesday, October 07, 2009

No spoilers here, just F to the YI as long as you know there are zombies, people die and there is eating of flesh...

So, Michael and I had a perfect date last night and saw Zombieland at the AMC 16 in Burbank. There were 4 other people in the theater besides us! Mostly because we saw it at 3:40, not because it sucked.

The pros:

Funny. The RULES are brilliant and worked into the movie perfectly. Did not take itself seriously at all, if it had I would have been sorely disappointed. The zombie makeup on the closeup shots was pretty darn good and any bone crushing and eating of flesh was ookie enough to make Michael squirm (see "Squeamish?" for my squirm factor). Woody Harrelson is high-fucking-larious. Perfect, short and sweet explanation of the zombification...really, not what the movie was about and I'm glad they didn't spend any time on that. The digital effects around Los Angeles were great. Soundtrack was pretty sweet also.

The cons:

Slow at some moments. Makeup on lesser zombies was hastily done and not particularly "realistic" also, at one point you could totally tell the dead guy was a bag of fiberfill. Super cheap... Some of the digital effects looked like they belonged on Photoshop Disasters. Abigail Breslin did not get enough shooting in. Wanted to see more of that. Yeah, she's 12 but you're fighting for your brains here people.

Overall, a great, fun movie. Perfect for Hallowe'en laughs!


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