Monday, July 11, 2005
Living out loud
Hey!!! Happy Monday y'all!

I am well recovered from my weekend now. I had a weekend such as I have not had in many a year. I have learned of another new concept (no relation to breakfast dessert). It is called "butt boxing." Needless to say, it ain't pretty but it is really amusing. See photo for obvious description of said "sport". Of course I was quite intoxicated (an incredibly rare occurrence for me) so you might chalk the amusing part up to that. I attended the bachelorette party of a friend - (BTW - there are no incriminating photos of people on this website but if those who attended would like to get a look at them, check your e-mail later)

Seriously though, the last time I had a cocktail was like in the early part of this millenium. I haven't had the spins since last century. I haven't been to a straight club in like a decade. It was a hell of a weekend. I actually wore high heels and a boa. I had a double shot of something bought for me by this really nice chick from Houston. I danced! I hope there are no incriminating photographs. I was however, living out loud. Which was my challenge for the weekend. I believe I succeeded. Not that getting all drunk is necessarily living out loud but I'm usually too uptight to even do that!!! Scaaaaary.

You see for about a year around the 2003-4-ish years, I did not get out of bed. OK, I went to Stitch n' Bitch, but that's about all. I was seriously unwell. Prozac and my therapists, hereto referred to by their actual names, Bob and Leigh, have been unbelievably helpful. (Tom Cruise, on the other hand, not particularly helpful) I must thank Jane for this - Jane is a truly out loud fabulous woman who is also a therapist and is married to possibly the most incredibly aware and introspective guy I've ever met. His name is Brian and he's a rabbi. Check out Brian's stuff here - it's pretty damn cool. Anyway, (off topic much?) Jane referred me to Bob, who referred me to Leigh both of whom are really awesome and have guided me into starting to live out loud.

In my ideal world, once the shame and shit is scraped off the top, I'm going to be a very bold chick. Some of you have already told me that you think of me that way now. I appreciate that immensely - you see, however, I don't believe it yet. I'm beginning to though.

This blog is one of the things that is helping me to live out loud. You see,
1) I am currently not in bed
2) I am writing which is a good thing to do
3) I am telling the truth (with only embellishments for humor's sake)
4) I am showing this writing to the whole world, hence the "out loud" part.

Perhaps one day I will get my g-damn book published (hey, next installment: Wanna publish a really great book?).

Anyhew people, I have some work to do but I thought I'd update you, let you know I am well and inform you about the new sport. Have a great day!!!


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Anonymous laurie said...

Um, in another turn of total and complete weirdness, I know Jane.

Actually, I know Brian! He's a good friend of Shannon's. I adore him, he crochets!

In fact, a pic of Jane and Brian is on my site:

How weird is THAT!

Blogger Faith said...

OMG That is so weird!!!

Call me - K?

Anonymous L.A. Ell said...

Butt-Boxing? Good thing there wasn't any yarn involved.

Blogger Sara said...

I'm glad you had a weekend of living out loud. You deserve the opportunity to let loose and be uninhibited.

I happen to be one of those people who thinks you are already pretty bold -- but there is no harm in being even bolder.

Anonymous Susan said...

Sitting here clapping loudly about what you posted.

I was just remarking to my husband about how most people aren't "normal" (just what is that anyway?!?) and yet we all seem to be perpetuating the myth of the need to be that way, all the while wounding ourselves and everybody around us. It is just shitty.

Better to just live and accept and love.

Blogger Rabbi_Brian said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out! All of us here at Religion-Outside-The-Box appreciate it. (Alright, it's really just me.) -- with love, Brian (the aforementioned rabbi married to Jane.)

Blogger Allison said...

I haven't gone to a straight club in like 10 years and I'm straight! Butt Boxing is the new WWF I tell ya. It's strangely mezmerizing.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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