Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Everybody Wants Stuff
You know how everybody wants stuff? I know, totally stupid question but it’s a set up, see, and I need to ask it to get to my point; which is the stuff I want. There’s the actual material tangible stuff that I can touch and say, this thing-a-ma-jig is mine. I can etch it with my name and sell it off if I’m so inclined. These are things like:
  • A house with a craft room
  • Matching mission-style bedroom furniture
  • A new Audi A4 in "Brilliant Black"
  • An Ashford Joy double treadle wheel
  • An unlimited supply of Noro Silk Garden (ok, this one’s a little silly, but hey…)

Then there’s the stuff I want that is not so tangible. I’m not talking unreasonable things, like I want to win the lottery or suddenly become the queen of West Hollywood. There are certain things that I think are realistic and that I am working towards but I don’t quite have a grasp on them yet. Other things I have no control over but I really, really want them and had to add them to this list.

  • To wake up in the morning and be happy with who I am
  • To feel like I can do whatever my heart desires (within limits)
  • To enjoy spending an hour on the elliptical machine
  • To not be so freakin’ self conscious in the gym changing room
  • A democratic President and Congress
  • My sister’s baby to be healthy and happy always
  • My friends’ babies to be happy and healthy always
  • A vaccine against HIV that is at least 80% effective.

What do you want?

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Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

We ALL want to win the lottery. People say that money doesn't solve all your problems, but I can say that it definitely helps!

I want to wake up a perfect size 10, and no matter what I eat or drink, I will remain that perfect size 10!

I want the L.A. School System to be good again...like it was in the 60's, when we all excelled in PUBLIC school.

I want to live clutter-free and not have this need to WANT everything material.

I want people to smile and be courteous to each other, even if they don't feel like it.

I want public programs for homeless people that will really help and teach them how to manage in the world.

Above all, I want whirled peas.

Blogger dizzy von damn! said...

i want to feel good about the way i look, and if that means exercising, i want to want to.

i want people to be open to what other people have to say, and maybe sometimes actually learn from them.

i want to find a job that i can really do, and do well, and do with interest.

i want to rescue all the sad, sick, and lonely animals that live in the city.

i want to stop trying to make other people happy so much that it makes me unhappy.

i want to not feel stuck.

i want to be able to write again.

i want to have for real passion.

i want to be happy.

Blogger goodmamajama said...

Here are the things/experiences I want:

I want to be able to go my bookcases and pull out published books by Fembot, who is one hell of a writer.

I want my baby to come into the world, live in the world and leave this world someday knowing that he/she was adored for who he/she IS/WAS, rather than what he/she did.

I want to think more critically and analytically and consciously about the state of the world and my responsibility to its future.

I want to not be so celebrity-info and internet dependent. Why am I aware today that Kate Moss has a black eye today? Who gives a fuck?

I want to be a model for people who don't believe therapy is an effective tool to help them get happy, heal their lives and live to their potentials, no matter what their pasts teach them about themselves and the world. I want to reach those people who are in pain, in their own ways, and help them get help.

I want to live surrounded by more nature than I have here in Los Angeles.

I want to drive myself to the nature that is available to me (ocean, mountains) and be more consistent in doing so.

I want to carve out more consciousness and time for creating art, crafts and writing.

I want to remember to tend to myself when I am a mother.

I want to grow in my ability to be attendant to other people's joys and pains.

I wouldn't mind a personal home organizer, kind of like a once-a-week nanny just for my household shit and organization.

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