Wednesday, May 02, 2007
A little writers block-y + GEEK CRUSH!
I like how everything can be turned descriptive with a "y" attached.

I have a bunch of upcoming posts but they need pictures and I somehow haven't managed to have the thought, "Download Pictures" while at the same time being near to my laptop. Therefore, no meaningful posts.

I will say, however that I just found out that Stephen Lewis, former Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa, is coming to speak at UCLA (omg omg omg!!!).

I've already posted about Mr. Lewis in this post about PEPFAR and this post when he threatened to take the International Narcotics Control Board “behind the international woodshed and give them an intellectual and rhetorical flogging, the like of which they would never forget," (giggle) for discrediting methadone maintenance and needle exchange programs."

Clearly, I kinda have a thing for this guy.

He has been described as relentless, pugnacious, passionate and he called the PEPFAR earmark for abstinence programming "incipient neocolonialism".

I might have to be restrained. I totally want to throw my panties at him.

Update: This picture makes me a little tingly (and embarrassed).


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Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

me thinks you're gettin' kinda' GIRLY on us!

Blogger Annika said...

You are just adorable.

Blogger Faith said...

Yeah. I don't get all girly for just anyone. However, if your brain happens to be the size of a basketball and you actually speak your mind -- I'm yours.

Blogger Unknown said...

You are a friggin' brilliant and hysterical writer. I heart your blog- the colors, the fonts, the writing and just how damn queer it is. LOL!

You rock.

p.s. I'd throw my panties at Johnny Cash if I could and I'd throw my bra too.

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