Thursday, December 20, 2007
I have been terribly, horribly remiss. I have exactly 15 hours left of work until we are off for winter holiday. I have about 24 hours worth of work to finish before then.

Then I have a week off and so many posts. I have a list of posts I have been planning. I swear. Please come back next week. I'll be here (and I'll be a year older as my b-day is Sunday!)

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Blogger geogrrl said...

Wooh! Happy Birthday in advance!

You're two days after my step-father and three days before my sister in law (her birthday is on Boxing Day--lucky girl).

Hope your birthday is wonderful, however you spend it.

Blogger Unknown said...

Happy early Birthday, Faith! I came to your blog from Crazy Aunt Purl a while ago, and I've been lurking since. I really appreciate your insights on body issues and eating disorders, something that women in my family have struggled with.

Blogger Faith said...

Hey geogrrl and sarah! Thanks for stopping by!

Sarah, I so appreciate you saying that. It is a gift to me to know that something I say is useful out there in the blogosphere.


Blogger WineGrrl said...

Happy Birthday Faith!

Enjoy your vacation; you deserve it!

Blogger Melly` said...

Happy birthday!

Blogger fathima said...

happy belated birthday! and also new year! =)

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