Wednesday, January 23, 2008
Tu b'Shvat
Monday, in addition to being the King holiday, was also Tu b'Shvat, a holiday that generally signifies a new year for trees. Basically, it's like all trees birthdays are celebrated on one day during the year. Long story as to why this is, you'll just have to trust me (or look it up) that there are reasons that trees need to have one combined birthday in Judaism.

Anyway, this weekend I planted 4 New Zealand Snow White tea trees (leptospermum, for those of you that need to know - I love that). They are really quite gorgeous.

Working with my own two hands in the dirt is so incredibly rewarding for me.

Last July I planted zucchini in the same spot. When I dug the holes for the plants, I found so many rocks, construction debris and various other items that generally do not belong in soil. I was so sad to see that there were no earthworms. The soil was not fertile.
When I planted the zucchini, I amended the soil. All winter long, I got lovely zucchini that I grated into my meatloaf and enchiladas, sauteed with Trader Joe's chicken sausage and ate raw right out of the garden.

When I went to plant my tea trees this weekend, I found hundreds of earthworms - big and juicy and little guys crawling through the soil making it full of good nutrients. I am really freaking proud of my soil!!!! I've been saving coffee grounds and egg shells to further enrich the soil in my back yard. I spread out a little coffee, some crushed egg shells and went to work. I dug 8 gallon holes and planted the trees. They should provide shade and privacy when they grow to their full height of 8 feet. They also smell lovely and have beautiful white flowers.

All weekend I've been combing my landscaping books and magazines. With some serious sweat equity, I swear, by this summer I am going to have a landscaped garden. This is the year!

Tomorrow I'll share with you the huge pot of delicious chicken soup I made last night!!!

Damn. I'm Doris freakin' Day. Who's the Jewish equivalent of Doris Day?

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Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Jewish Martha Stewart must be Molly Goldberg aka Gertrude Berg. Read about her here:

Jewish Arbor fave!

Blogger WineGrrl said...

What a pretty garden.

You should have a garden party.

Blogger Laurie Ann said...

I had a Doris Day movie marathon this weekend. How coincidental.

Blogger Loquacious Chase said...

Ethel Merman? (I find differing opinions on her religion.)

I'm curious. How do you "amend" soil? I was pretty sure that the quality of the soil in our flowerbeds was poor, but now that you point out the worm factor, I know it's bad. We have nary a worm.

Blogger dale-harriet said...

This looks like Science Fiction to me (we have drifts as high as my shoulder and it's -12 (that's NOT 'windchill') Digging holes? In the GROUND? hahahaHAHAHAhahaha. However, it IS inspiring, and I believe I may look to put in something tree-oid when (or IF) spring returns to these climes. They'll share their birthday with your beautiful trees!

Blogger Susan said...

Good for you! You should be proud of your soil. I love soil; that's why I bailed on my PhD. Most PhDs in the plant sciences don't usually get to get their hands dirty very often. My masters in horticulture qualifies me to be a well paid technician- and technicians get to play in the dirt. Gimme working with my hands any day!

Blogger Terri said...

I made my list, but then felt a little shy about telling people they were on my list. Today, seems like a good day to let you know..."You make my day."

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