Wednesday, January 02, 2008
What can I say?
I've thought about it a lot. I promised posts. Many posts.

I wasn't lazy. I got so much done in these last 11 days.

Other than the hideous viral infection that laid me out from about 2 p.m. on my birthday until late Boxing day, I was physically well.

It wasn't for a lack of things to write about. I still have a list of posts that are waiting for my fingers to type out.

I guess I just spent the time away from the computer. I didn't check other people's blogs (sorry), I didn't play solitaire, I didn't pay bills or shop online. I spent 11 days doing other things.

When I thought about the reasons I didn't post over the holidays, I realized that I sit in front of a computer - when I am working - an average of 8-12 hours a day. When I take my breaks (as I am doing right now) I will spend that time on the computer making the blog rounds, reading the news, generally glued to my desk. I love reading blogs. I love knowing what my friends are up to, what they think, how they write.

But with 11 days of being away from my office (actually, I did go in one day) I found myself drawn to other activities.

I cleaned like a mad woman. It was a year ago last week that Michael and I moved into our new home. I realized a lot of the crappiles of stuff that I "needed for when we owned a home" I actually never needed at all. I spent some time going through that and weeding out the unnecessary stuff.

I ran errands. I actually love to run errands. There is something truly gratifying to me about crossing items off To Do lists. Many items were crossed off of mine this past week.

I feel the need to apologize. For being MIA, for saying I would do something that I didn't do. I am learning to forgive myself and not disappear into myself/isolate hoping that no one will come out and call me on it. Hoping that people won't be disappointed in me.

I am sorry. I hope you're not too disappointed. This is the truth (which is so new for me to tell) and I have every intention of continuing this fine blog. I hope you have every intention of continuing to read it.

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Blogger æ said...

well DUH we're gonna read it.

I'm SO GLAD you had a nice vacation, Faith. A vacation from all things you'd usually be doing--how refreshing, huh?


Blogger Kath said...

I'd be the last person to call anyone on the carpet for taking a break when they needed to. You've got nothing to apologize for - so cut that out!

I read your blog because you are an interesting person with much to share. And I'll continue to read it.

Blogger woolanthropy said...

Don't apologize. You were just going with your not at work flow. That time is something special and often much needed.

Thank you for being a beautiful hostess! I had a fabulous time.

Blogger Faith said...

Dear AE, Kath and Wooly!

Thank you so much. I guess I was projecting a bit. Perhaps I'm a little disappointed with myself.

As a perfectionist (in recovery) I'm learning. Thanks for your comments.


Blogger Allison said...

No apologies necessary! Glad you had a nice break. Of course I missed reading your blog, but I was MIA for 8 days myself. I hear you on wanting to be away from the computer. Oy.

Blogger Anne said...

Hey, it's ok! You did the things you needed and wanted to do. It's ok to take a break and not have to explain yourself. I hope you are feeling better.

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