Monday, February 04, 2008
I think it might be spring in L.A. Here's how I know.

This weekend I went outside to work on my lawn. I wore jeans and a tank top. I worked out there from 12 noon to about 4:15. I didn't get a sunburn but I didn't need to cover up either.

Also, they are selling artichoke plants at Lowe's. I love artichokes and I am very, very tempted to take up growing artichokes in the back 40. Very tempted.

Also, the Lowe's gardening section was awash in ranunculus (also called Persian buttercup).

I happen to love ranunculus. I also like saying ranunculus. I was very, very good. I did not buy the ranunculus as I do not quite have a garden in which to plant them. I showed an enormous amount of restraint.

You really have no idea.

I did, however, buy a cheap hoe. Yes, I said it. I bought a cheap hoe. It lasted all of an hour and then it was utterly bent out of shape. I broke my hoe. Woe is the hoe.

I'm gonna need a rototiller for this job.


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Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Farmer Faith?

Blogger dale-harriet said...

That is one powerful good word, Ranunculus. It sounds like "humunculus", which is a teeny tiny little guy. I think they were grown in a bottle. Those flowers are BEAUTIFUL though, and look like "they won't grow in this climate" type stuff. So I'll save your pictures and admire them from afar. Can you return that cheap hoe for a better one? Even a CHEAP hoe should last more'n an hour.

Blogger geogrrl said...

Did it wind up being a dirty crack(ed) hoe?

Those ranunculus (ranunculi?) are lovely. I've always loved begonias for their blossoms, too.

There's a shrub grown here--winter honeysuckle. The flowers are nothing to look at but the scent (make sure you get the scented kind) is reminiscent of orange blossoms.

Blogger Faith said...

Ellen - Yep!

Dale-Harriet. I'm actually quite fond of carbuncle. And as for the hoe...I'm kinda hard on my garden tools.

Geogrrl - it is now a dirty, crack(ed) hoe. Also, I have such wonderful childhood associations with honeysuckle. I think I might go try to find some. Thanks for that memory.

Blogger Susan said...

Artichokes have BEAUTIFUL flowers. Especially on a cloudy day where the light is even and you can better appreciate the iridescent color.

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