Wednesday, August 06, 2008
Um, a little overwhelmed
Yes, yes, I've been reminded by everyone and my husband that I haven't been posting regularly.

I'm really fucking busy, people!!!

  • I just finished two writing classes which, on the whole weren't all that satisfying but definitely piqued my interest in taking more
  • I am trying to be a halfway decent writing partner (at which I am failing MISERABLY)
  • I am attempting to start my 4th rewrite on the book that will not die
  • Wrote an article for Frontiers Magazine (pub. 8/14, I think)
  • Currently the International AIDS Conference is occurring in Mexico City and I wanted to cover it but I only have so much brain/time


  • I am decorating a two bedroom condo in Palm Springs (about which I am so excited I want to pop) which involves actually spending time in Palm Springs
  • I have about 30 or so unfinished objects (UFOs) in my craft room that must be dealt with
  • Ideally, over the summer I would have redesigned my website and moved it over to Wordpress but that didn't really work out

Biker stuff
I am working on the 50th anniversary gala of the Oedipus Motorcycle Club which includes:
  • designing an art piece to be used as centerpieces
  • learning to use an oxy-acetylene torch
  • creating platters out of motorcycle parts
  • baking and decorating 400 cupcakes
  • designing and creating a leather flag
  • creating 32 table runners
  • trying to get gay men to sit down and keep on topic during a meeting

Wifely duties (HA!)

  • We had some health and home issues last month. TGIAugust.
  • Keeping up my end of the bargain


  • I have a full time job which I would love to keep
  • I have interviewed 3 times for a job that I would love to have

So there. That is what I've been doing.

I am NOT complaining. Everything that I am doing I signed up for and I'm really quite excited about. I only wish I didn't have a full time job so that I could work on all of this fun stuff full time, but that's not the way it works in Casa Queer. Unfortunately, being a good blogger sorta got thrown under the bus too, even if I really, really, really want to be writing on here every day. Which I do. Swear to FSM.

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Blogger Annika said...

Good grief, woman! You're not kidding about how busy you are. I had to lie down and rest three times just while READING about it.

Blogger geogrrl said...

Glad to hear it's a GOOD kind of busy. Keep us posted when you can.

Blogger æ said...

I love hearing how engaging it all is for you. I love you so much--be good to Faith!!


Blogger Kath said...

Geez! Just reading your list made me feel overwhelmed! But as long as you are ENJOYING the things that keep you busy - it's all good. Just make sure the good stuff stays at the top of the list!

Blogger billie said...

It's okay, you're worth waiting for.....

Blogger Viva Scrapper! said...

Well if ou ever need help baking cupcakes I am a pretty darn muffin/cupcake baker and if you need help (Or the use of my muffin tins) let me know....

Blogger Allison said...

OK, so now I know whatz up wit you (as they say here in Philly.) It all sounds so great! But truly, I cannot WAIT to see photos of what you created for the gala!

Blogger penny said...

WOMAN... you're awesome. If I can help you out with the blogger -> wordpress let me know. If I can do ANYTHING to help you out despite being on the other coast, please let me know.

be good to yourself and take some time for you. You deserve it.

Blogger dale-harriet said...

Yeah, what they said - and it seems like there's a general lack of blogging mojo stalking the innerwebs, virtually *everyone* is in the same boat! (We might also be paddling in different directions, which could account for none of us being very writerly at the momennt). But that's ok on account of, you're worth waiting for.

Blogger fleecyknits said...

Since I haven't updated my blog since (whispers) January 1st, I would be the last person to cast aspersions. It sounds like you need to give yourself a break - or indeed several of them. Relax, take a rest, and don't worry about us. We'll be here when you get back. :-)

Blogger twinsetellen said...

I kind of hate to leave a comment, as really, you are too busy to read it. Fun post, if a little exhausting to ponder.

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