Monday, September 21, 2009
Countdown to Halloween
OK - there's only 39 days until Hallowe'en and I've joined the Countdown to Halloween group which means one posting EVERY DAY throughout the month of October.

During this time, I will be not only turning our home into the creepy and haunted Landsman Castle, I'll also be attending a writing retreat in Upstate New York where I expect the autumnal changing of the leaves will be occurring. Therefore, there's a lot to write about and I'm looking forward to the challenge. In the spirit of the holiday upcoming, I bring you some of my very favorite Hallowe'en blogs. Please feel free to add your own in comments as I LOVE a good source of inspiration!!!

- home contests, reviews and all things Hallowe'en

Grim Visions
- This guy is an amazing artist and an incredible inspiration. He makes the most amazing creepy and scary life sized ghouls, monsters and other freaks and is an Etsy seller!

Orange and Black
- is a great blog written by a guy named All HallowSteve! Love him!

Skull-a-day is not necessarily about Halloween but he does have some great skulls. Check it out.

Dave Lowe Design also has some AWESOME inspiration. How much do I wish I was this talented.

Alright. Send me your links. Need more braaains. More braaaains!!!

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Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Our fave artist, Shag (aka Josh Agle), has illustrated many images from Disneyland's Haunted House.

Check out the images here:

Blogger æ said...

favorite quote of the day: "but he does have some great skulls."

Blogger Laurie Ann said...

I drove by your house yesterday. I guess it's too early for decorating.

Blogger grimvisions said...

Thank you so much for the kind words.


Blogger Faith said...

Ellen - I love SHAG - of course I have two SHAG stickers on my car! I forgot to mention Doombuggies which is the fan club for Disney's Haunted Mansion which is full of SHAG stuff.

Laurie Ann - October 1. I'm holding off until October 1.

Blogger dale-harriet said...

Faith - I have a Most Terrific Halloween Story - may I email it to you? Or to Laurie to give you? (It might be a bit much for her darling southern self, though, and I DO love her so...maybe not) If I can, please send a WHERE to me, if you would, at dale.harrietATgmailDOTCOM. I think you'll like it....

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