Thursday, May 31, 2007
A little something for your amusement
I've been all kinds of philosophical the last few days (weeks?).

As I'm leaving for NYC this morning, I thought I'd leave you with a little something that makes my heart beat quicker, my face light up with a smile I can barely contain, and my guard drop to never before seen levels.

Seriously. Is she not just freakin' adorable! The last one was from a series of pictures I took of her where she was sure I was playing peek-a-boo and she kept trying to find Aunt Faith behind the camera.

I love her.

I may post from New York. You never know.

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Blogger Frank said...

You'd have to be heartless to not feel a uterine spasm when looking at those ADORABLE pics!

Blogger Dr said...

She looks like you. So cute!

Blogger WineGrrl said...

She is a doll!

Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

She's pretty freakin' adorable. Pretty much the CUTEST damned babygurl EVER.

Blogger Stella in NYC said...

Faith -- it was great to meet you at BEA with Laurie! I hope you had fun on the trip.

I wanted to tell you that my 14 year old daughter recently completed her first Aids Walk New York and raised almost $300. She was tired but happy to have done it, and we were all proud of her efforts!

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