Wednesday, August 22, 2007
Notes from the couch
First, I want to thank everyone for your thoughts and good wishes. I am so appreciative!

Second: realization. Wow. Being laid up is very hard for me.

Around some parts I am known to be quite the control queen. No, really.

I am crocheting like a mad woman but I never realized how much I like to do in a day and how much of it involves getting up and going.

I am not a fan of daytime television. So I have been mostly sitting in silence.

I'd love to go run some errands.

I'd love to water my lawns. (I don't have a sprinkler system)

I'd love to organize my craft room.

All of these activities involve work that my right side is just not ready to handle.

Seriously, my right boob looks like it was used as a punching bag. Gross.

I am learning how to give myself time to heal.

When I had my accident in Alaska (short version - Ford explorer, tire burst, car flipped over, hand crushed). I went back to work on drugs about a week and a half after the accident. I was determined to show everyone how strong I was. I'm not so determined right now but it is hard to just rest.

It's not in my nature. I'm much more likely to suck it up and show what a trooper I am.

So it's another one of those learning opportunities. Great. Just what I needed.

I'm learning. Slowly.


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Blogger Orangeblossoms said...

learning slowly is much better than not learning at all. I so appreciate your journey, Faith, and your willingness to share it with the internet, and me.

healing and peace.....
.... and a little special something to control!

Blogger K8 said...

I can relate to the desire to push through and be a trooper. Being laid up is hard - you start to run through all the other things you could be doing :) Take your time, and feel better!

Blogger Liz R. said...

Feel better, sweetie. Living with lupus has taught this OCD case that sometimes I just can't do everything I want or need to. 17 years later and it still sucks!!

Relax and get some rest!!!

Blogger Frank said...

The hardest part for me is the guilt. Feeling guilty because I'm not at work, or not doing something "productive", or not doing ANYTHING.

Clearly I've not learned the lesson you're slowly learning!


Blogger Dazed on 24th said...

Faith, so glad to read your post - was worrying a bit, really. Hang in there! Billie

Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Crochet heals all!

Blogger Faith said...


Ellen - I am crocheting up a storm!

Liz - That sucks. I'd want to say, "fine! lesson learned! Enough already!!!"

Frank. Oh Frank. Take a deep breath hon. You seem like you could use it.

Orangeblossoms - thanks. I appreciate you sharing it with me too.

K8 - Thanks for understanding. It's hard to be stuck!

Billie - no need to worry. Just hanging out crocheting and pacing. Fun!


Blogger Liz R. said...

How are you feeling today?? I hope you're getting less sore as the days go on.

I hope the great news about Evan has made you feel better!! It sure worked for me!!

Liz (my real blog is at

Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Y'know, I also was always the stoic one until childbirth made me realize that that no one is impressed or taking notes. Good for you to have learned that without going to the same extreme.

I'm still sorry you're hurteded, but glad for the post.

Blogger dale-harriet said...

Do you KNOW what this kind of post does to an elderly Bubbeh? OY! I'm DYING to fly to your side, armed with great bowls of my chicken soup with matzoh balls, a nice pillow for your feet, maybe a nice iced tea?

Where I come from, we note that the Mother occasionally takes us, tucks us into our beds (sometimes through the necessary means of illness or accident) and says "OK NOW REST UP FOR PETESSAKES!"

Keep up the crochet (idle hands, you know...) AVOID daytime TV, but consider books on tape and remember, paschkudnik, EAT!!

Blogger fleecyknits said...

I'm so glad to hear from you. I was starting to worry (it's one of my best skills.) ;-)

I can relate to the bruised boob. I had a stereotactic biopsy last year (negative, thank goodness) and my boob was a mess for ages. I do not recommend riding in a car if you can avoid it. There was just no way to make the seat belt not cross that area and I'm sure not going anywhere without one.

Take good care of yourself, and avoid the soul sucking daytime tv at all costs. :-)

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