Monday, October 08, 2007
Go on Dove wit' yo bad ass self
I spent Saturday night with my beautiful niece. She is perfect. We played and read books (Goodnight Moon!) and she slept and ate and walked (holding on to everything in her field of vision).

Here is what I don't want for her or any other girl.

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Blogger Gwen said...

I kind of think we should all be required to watch that every day.

Blogger Allison said...

I agree with Gwen.

Blogger Catherine said...

And I agree Gwen and Allison.

Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

I don't agree - that made me squirt a few real tears. Such a beautiful gurlie, so horrible images. I can't even claim PMS.


Blogger dale-harriet said...

Faith - I watched it but have to go get my earphones to listen to it; even without sound it was pretty deep. I can't believe what's going on with girls and things like body image. I have a precious granddaughter, 11 years old. She's plumpish in a pre-pubescent sort of way, and her mother (NO relation to me) spends a long time very morning helping her with makeup, fussing with hair &c. She's ELEVEN! It is to puke. (I mean to get to her, hopefully before it sticks.)

Blogger em said...


hey, faith, i'm going to stop being shy and ask if i can read your jeans blog? (we are two peas in a pod)

with love,


Blogger zubeldia said...

Hey Faith

Have you ever watched the Killing us Softly films? This is like a condensed one of those... So fucking sad. It's heartbreaking.

Love to you,Z

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