Thursday, September 06, 2007
Happy Birthday Baby

Today is my hottie husband's 40th birthday. How much do I love this guy?

Well, let me tell you.

Michael has an awesome and ridiculous sense of humor. One of the ways he makes me laugh is by telling squirrels, birds, children and other assorted animals to "Get off my lawn!" in old man voice.

Michael makes me think by challenging the way I live my life, the routine things I do, so I hardly ever feel like I'm in a rut or living a certain way just because that's the way my parents did it.

He reminds me to appreciate my own opinions. Sometimes without one ounce of tact. Sometimes with just a little hint of it.

Michael knows how to turn off the voices in his head. Something I am learning to do.

Michael is protective. He wants to make sure my virgin ears stay that way and yet he loves the way I curse like a truck driver.

Fuck yeah!

Michael is boundary guyTM He's teaching me. Slowly. Very, very slowly.

Michael says something and he actively works to make it happen. For instance, he said we'd buy a house. And here we are in our own fabulous house.

Michael keeps Jeff's memory alive in our home.

Michael takes me riding on his super hot VTX and I don't even care that I get bugs everywhere.

I love this guy so much that even when he's not getting "it", even when he's working my last gay nerve, I still want to give him a giganto hug for being a good man.

Michael has learned over the 8 1/2 years that we've lived together that I'm going to make too much food for us for dinner. He has also learned not to comment on it.

Michael loves who he loves. He can't fake it and he can't make it happen if it isn't there. I love that.

I love you.

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Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Awwwww. What a nice tribute to a great guy.


Blogger Laurie Ann said...

Don't forget unabashedly nerdy and cool at the same time.

Blogger Faith said...

OMG - you're right. I did forget unabashedly nerdy and cool at the same time!

Blogger Catherine said...

Hooray! Happy Birthday, Michael!

Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

What a lovely suburban couple you make!!

Happy B-Day Michael!

Blogger ppp said...

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Blogger ppp said...

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Blogger dale-harriet said...

1. Mazel Tov, Michael! 2. Faith, I love YOU too, for this tribute, for you talking the way you do and being who you are and all that. You're one of those people I refer to as "this really good friend of mine in California? who I've never met? and may never meet? YEAH!" If you (one or both) ever wind up here in Madison, Wisconsin (where I think you'd have a lot of fun) I'll enjoy showing you around. So there.

Blogger Orangeblossoms said...

I know I'm late-- but I'm late with everything these days! Happy Birthday, Michael.... Also, very cool tribute post, Faith. As always, you rock....

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