Monday, August 27, 2007
Pretty Things
I newly procured transportation this weekend.

It is pretty tremendous. Some people try to name their cars.

I don't pretend that I am a prescribing type.

I am positively thrilled with my choice and I have plans to profoundly trick it out to fit with my personality, typically.

Ponder this.

A prize to the first person that has a precise theory of my new vehicle.

If you were previously told what I purchased, then no fair cheating, please and thank you!


(OK, a hint. People, think! Prodigious tips are included in this post.)

Oops! Forgot to say what the prize was!

Prize o' the day: A copy of Swell: A Girl's Guide to the Good Life by Cynthia Rowley and a few swellegant home items! Swell!
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Blogger Mama Llama said...

Did you get a Prius? (Could be cheating, since you mentioned wanting one several postestes ago.)

Blogger Mama Llama said...

LOL! I had a bit of a liquid lunch today. Did I just put "testes" in my comment? LOLOL!

Blogger Liz R. said...

A motorcycle??

Blogger Hannah said...

I'd say some sort of hybrid/energy efficient vehicle.... Prius, Hybrid Honda, Toyota, Ford of some sort.

Blogger WineGrrl said...

Did you get a Mini Cooper?

Blogger Laurie Ann said...

A PT Cruiser?

Blogger Psychomom said...

My first two guesses were the Pirus or another Civic (hybrid) but those were already mentioned so I'm going with my vehicle and guessing a Rav4.

Blogger Faith said...

And the winner is - Laurie Ann!!!!!

I have a brand new PT Cruiser!

Pictures tomorrow!

Blogger Sara said...

Welcome to the PT Cruiser club! It's awesome!

Blogger J. said...

You still have some ties to a limousine company, so if it is "tremendous", I would figure that it's a limousine. Though the expression tricking it out - isn't that tied with motorcycles? So, maybe it's a really big motorcycle. Either way don't give me that Rowely book cause I almost stayed in a hotel where she had decorated the rooms in Chicago, but as soon as I saw the room, I had to leave, because it was so garish that I couldn't sleep there. The only good thing about her rooms there was that every room had a goldfish with a name. Don't remember if I found out the goldfishes' name, just got out of there.

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