Wednesday, October 01, 2008
The Great Schnurriscation
I don't know about y'all, but tomorrow at about 5 p.m. Pacific, I will be sitting on my couch with my husband and I will be holding a pillow right below my eyes to begin the cringefest that in my household is commonly referred to as The Great Schnurriscation*.

While it is awfully tempting to dip my toe in the schadenfreude here (and maybe roll around naked too), that is not really the way I wish to be perceived. While the Republicans are well known for dancing on the political graves of distinguished Democrats such as Harold Ford, Max Cleland and Paul Wellstone, I just don't see the point of serving it up to them. Many have suggested that the downfall of the Democrats is their lack of willingness to "play nasty" but some ethic regarding the betterment of society as a whole has always been (at least the narrative) what the Democrats are about and I appreciate that (even if it is just rhetoric).

Back to Thursday night: While 99.9999999% of my brain believes that Joe Biden is going to steamroll his opponent, there is .0000001% that is so suspicious of the Republican party that I have this flea of fear hurtling about my skull ruminating on the crap they might pull before Gwen Ifill poses her first question.

Will there be a family emergency that requires the Alaskan governor to fly back to Anchorage at the last minute?

Will Vince Foster come back from the dead at the St. Louis Arch and the media will rush to the scene?

Will Dick Cheney have his 5th (known) heart attack and the news will be conveniently overshadowed?

I could think of far worse things that L'Rove & Co. could come up with but I hate to write them down for fear I might actually get one right.

The point, however, is that barring any of those things happening, you'll know where I'll be. Curled up in a fetal position, blood pressure cuff around my arm and all objects known to cause damage to a flat screen TV relocated to a place out of arm's reach.

*1892, from Yiddish, "beggar," from Ger. slang schnurrer, from schnurren "to go begging" (slang), perhaps ult. imitative of the sound of pleading or whining (e.g. sneer, snorkel, snarl).
In this definition, the act of leaving one's political opponent begging for mercy.


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Blogger Kath said...

What should in all reasonable expectations be a complete slaughterfest has the potential to be a dizzying round of repeating, "she said what??" as the same talking points are slammed over & over again. Definitely a good idea to medicate oneself in advance. Pepto, Maalox, Cabernet....whatever works.

I expect the writers at SNL are just poised and waiting...

Blogger Sara said...

Latest Rovian tactic: smear the moderator, so we all feel sorry for Palin,

So of course she did badly, the debate wasn't fair!


Blogger goodmamajama said...

Or my nightmare...

Our expectations are SO low for her that she gets kudos for being able to answer a few questions and "hold her own" with Biden, when in reality, she is still inexperienced, unqualified and an embarrassment.

God, I wish I could drink.

Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

I've decided to Tivo the whole debate. That way, I can go to the WeHo SnB, have a nice time knitting with my friends and hear second-hand how the debate is going. Once I get home, I'll watch with knowledge that Biden creamed Palin!

Blogger Allison said...

Cringefest, indeed. I mean, really, she couldn't even handle that dimwit Katie Couric.

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