Friday, December 30, 2005
Happy New Year!!!!

This year there will be MORE photos! I promise. Lots of photos of Los Angeles and of me doing wonderful things all over my fair city. This particular photo is of me roasting pumpkin peeps over Peggy's bonfire at Dockweiler beach.

Currently I am sitting in the knitting/art/fashion section of the downtown public library, which I absolutely love! I am typing on a stack of books which includes the biography of Edith Head, a really fabulous millinery book that I have never seen before, and some inspirations for clothing design. I am truly inspired. I talked to my dear friend Laurie last night and decided that if I don't plant some damn seeds for 2006, nothing's gonna grow. So, taking her lead (and being a really obsessive list person myself) I am going to write here my preliminary TO DO and TO DON'T list for this upcoming year. I reserve the right to change this list fairly frequently and not necessarily in public. Loving y'all!!!

Money Things:
-Get a job. This is key.
-Negotiate a good salary and don't accept first offer.
-Spend less money on books and more time at the library
-Put away a significant chunk of cash for new house!!!
-stop buying fabric!!!
-Put all the stuff I have stored away up on ebay because it's not making any money sitting in my closet

Good Stuff I'm Learning in Therapy
-Exercise sometimes
-Make hard decisions rather than leaving them up to someone else
-Make a mistake or two
-Say "no"
-Do at least one thing every day that makes me proud of myself
-Join a yoga class
-Enliven my garden a little by watering more frequently
-(stolen from Laurie) Stop procrastinating. Just stop it already.

-Take another sewing class
-Start writing the other book in my head
-Work on my website

The Not-To-Do List (first two stolen from Laurie because apparently I need to not do many of the same things):
-Say "yes" to things just because someone springs them on me at the last minute. Instead, say "Let me think about it and get back to you."
-Choose the known over the unknown just because it's comfortable.
-Say what I think others want me to say

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Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Yippee! Faith's bloggin' again! Excellent list, Hon. Best of luck in 2006 Miss Moderator Chick Extraordinaire!!!

L.A. Ell

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the new year's resolutions. That's a good idea. I wish you luck on the job search and getting what you want.
Here's to balance and well being--

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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