Monday, December 05, 2005
Walmart and Jesus
Sunday I did the Ventura Holiday Street Faire. "How did it go?" you ask. Well, thanks for asking.

I came to a whole bunch of conclusions on Sunday.

First conclusion: Walmart has turned Americans into people who only want to spend $3.99. For anything. Everyone said I make really pretty stuff but...well...they really only wanted to spend $3.99 so....thanks! I really hate Walmart. Really. If you shop there, I don't want to know about it. I seriously don't care that they have stuff for a lot cheaper. They are asking us all to sell our souls for a savings of a few cents. Don't do it.

Second conclusion: No offense, but people in Ventura are weird. Miss Teen Whatever was shakin' her groove thing on a platform in a skanky ass dress at a holiday fair! The only thing missing was the pole. Seriously. There were also a lot of people wearing Renaissance Faire costumes. At a holiday street fair. Weird.

Third conclusion: Jesus is the light - or so said the staff member at the thrift store where Rabbi Brian of Religion Outside the Box went looking for lamps. Seriously. When he asked if they had lamps, the clerk told him that Jesus is the light. Out of the freakin' blue. To a rabbi. Wearing a kippah (Jewish beanie thing to all of y'all who don't know this word). Brilliant!

Fourth conclusion (and goal for the week): I need to actually carry my camera with me if I plan to post photos on my blog. Since my camera was sitting in my too small desk, I have no photos. I will however, resolve to carry my camera with me this week of new-found (dash or no dash?) freedom.

Anyway, those were just some of the many conclusions I came to on Sunday. In addition to the goal stated above, I also plan to take a few walks. Swing on a swing and meet with someone at the Small Business Administration regarding my next life.

Kisses to all y'all.


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Blogger JaneKwonDo said...

I will offer a huge DITTO to FemBot's conclusions regarding the Ventura Street Fair scene, as I was there to see her fabulous stuff, along with her fabulous cohort Allison. (I bought a hat and so did my cool friend Kate.)

That street fair was filled with a complete mishmash of oddballs. There were the young models outside the evenign gown store, and standing to their right were 3-4 40-something perpetrator-types watching their every move. Creepy. There were tanks and army huts with recruiter, there were a gaggle of people in red sweatshirts that read (in descending order) MAJESTY! LORD OF ALL! DIVINE LIGHT! JESUS IS LORD! God help us.

There was also a white sweatshirt on sale at a booth that read : PROUD TO BE AN ADORABLE AMERICAN! with a picture of a small kitten wrapped in an American Flag.

I am getting more jaded day by day, yet oddly, my hope for humanity hasn't compeltely faltered.

FemBot, if you and Allison could just purchase your upscale, fine quality yarns, spend hours creating gorgeous apparel pieces and then sell them for 8 bucks a pop, yuo would be fine. Get on that one.



Blogger Christie said...

Well, you know your Empire is evil when your family memebers start getting struck from the skies. I don't like Wal-Mart either and am scared that they're starting to open stores in the Motherland [China].

Blogger Rabbi_Brian said...

Hey you mentioned me. I now certify this blog as 100% Kosher.

With love,

Rabbi Brian

Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Faith, Doll! Love that comment about JC being the light!!! I'll never go into a lampshop again without thinking about that line. Rabbi Brian sounds like one cool rabbi!

Blogger tk said...

I've never been to Ventura... and now.. I have no reason to go.. :)

Blogger WineGrrl said...

Now I know why I never go to Ventura County....

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