Thursday, August 25, 2005
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I have to first comment on the Stitch n' Bitch vs. SewFast/SewEasy Inc. trademark infringement issue. I am not one to comment on legal wranglings, however, this affects me and all the lovely and festive people I knit with - so I am compelled.

The phrase Stitch n' Bitch has been around for a long-ass time. When Stitch n' Bitch refound itself in the vernacular, many ladies of a certain age came out on to the boards to let us younguns know that they were Stitch n' Bitching way back when.

Currently, there are 262 U.S. groups that identify as Stitch n' Bitch and 54 international groups (Source:

There is a company called SewFast/SewEasy Inc. that is now producing seam rippers, needles, tape measures and other gewgaws with a Stitch & Bitch logo. This would seem fun to buy and personally, I would have purchased the entire line so I could impress my friends and fellow knitters.

Unfortunately, they have also sent cease and desist letters to Stitch n' Bitch Chicago, Cleveland, Stockton/Lodi and Twin Cities because they were selling t-shirts and other merchandise on Cafe Press with their SnB logos on it.

Uhh, not cool.

I am all for respecting trademarks. I hope to have my own someday. However, using a term that has been a part of the vernacular and co-opting it, well... even that is ok, unless of course, you get a bunch of mean lawyers to suddenly go about telling everyone already using that name, even if they're little non profit groups of tattooed knitter girls, to cut it out.

To that end, I have ordered a few bumper stickers and a shirt from the new Cafe Press store Free to Stitch, Free to Bitch to support their efforts.

In other news, I'm ok.

I'm just a little crazy right now, what with the family drama and the feeling that I should be doing something exceptional right now and the really loud music coming from one of my neighbor's apartments which is maybe Green Day and really, really loud. Like it sounds as if I am playing Green Day in my apartment really loud. But I'm not.

I did a lot of knitting/crocheting this week - especially due to the fact that I have given up solitaire. Knitting/crocheting at least is way more productive - I also attended my second meeting of the Culver City group - a really fun crowd.

I haven't finished anything but I have gotten quite a bit accomplished. On the other hand, Sara 2 finished these cute-ass socks this week. These are her first pair of socks. Yay Sara!!!

I also have to mention the incorrect spelling of crochet that happens all too frequently on our blogs and boards.


This is not a needle art. This is a part of our bodies with ET attached. Stop this or I'll shoot!
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Anonymous laurie said...

CEASE & DESIST! I own the copyright to the word CROTCHET! Cease & deist using my word right now!

Anonymous laurie said...

or deSist, whatever... just because I cannot type doesn't give you the right to my copyrighted CROTCHET!!!

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