Friday, August 19, 2005
Grrr Arrrgh
OK people, the last post was totally fun!!! Thanks for all your comments. I LOVED the new curse words. Peggy definitely wins for grossest.

So yesterday, grrrrrr!!!!! At about 4 o'clock I received a call on my home phone. I saw that it was from agent guy. My heart skipped a beat. In a really good way. I wasn't really expecting to hear from him until next month.

Here's the bad news. He doesn't really represent books like mine. He said it was clear that I had put a lot of work into the project but no. Thanks. But no.

When I asked perhaps he knew someone who did rep these types of books....? He said he'd "keep his ears open." A brush off if I've ever heard one.

So I'm cranky and back to square one people.

Pudding pops!!!! Ass hat!!!! Craptastic!!!! Flying fratteling fuck!!!!

Good thing I have all of these fun curses to use in my time of need. For fuck's sake.
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Blogger JaneKwonDo said...


You have to get together with my husband, who is deep into learning/networking. etc about might also want to look into Bill O'Hanlon's publishing him...he's a fabulous therapist out of New Mexico and has published 22 books...

Email brian! He'd love to know someone else is inthe same boat!

Love you...we are off on our adventure, let's get together in Sept!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you should look into putting your book on - it's a site for independent publishing of books.

Blogger dfadf said...

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