Monday, August 15, 2005
Yesterday was day 3 with no solitaire.

I am getting so much done! I had about 20 skeins of yarn that were not balled up. Well, they are now! I spent the entire day ballin'. Yarn that is. Anyway, now my yarn is actually useable as opposed to just sitting in a drawer and lookin' pretty.

I also put some more yarn in the future yarn sale bin. I have WAY too much yarn people. Not as much as Ellen who has a really unbelievable amount of yarn, but a lot.

I also put a bunch of books in the sale bin. I have books from college. From my major. Which was Religious Studies with a human sexuality minor. Do I really need my copy of Redefining Sexual Ethics from 1991? No. I don't think so either. What about Myth and Sexuality? Nope. GONE!!! Y'all can come to the yard sale in October and buy them if you want but I don't need to be schooled on sexual ethics in the '90s.

I do this every so often. I call it purging. It's like stuff-bulimia. I like to get rid of stuff. I like to see empty spaces where stuff used to be. It feels like I'm getting something accomplished. I also get to send all of my stuff to good homes where people will appreciate it more than I have been. This is an important part of the purging process for me. I can't just throw it away. Especially if I have appreciated it at some point in the past. I feel like someone else should have the opportunity of appreciating it. Anyway, it's kind of a purging week. I'm off to see what other stuff will find new homes.

have a great monday!!!
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Blogger Christie said...

I totally understand the need to purge. I feel so overwhelmed by my life right now that I just want to get rid of everything, move to NYC and start over. Change my name. Be different. Maybe if I just clean my closet I'll feel better.

Blogger Faith said...

I hear you Christie! Moving away from all of my stuff and living in a cabin at the Grand Canyon until it all blows over sounds so great!

I've been purging too... must be something in the water. But only purging to make room for yarn, so perhaps missing the point.

Was loverly to meet you this evening at the SnB! I was the mouthy chick across the room with the teenager and the Bacardi story. :-)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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