Monday, July 25, 2005
What a freakin' lovely weekend!
I had a really lovely weekend y'all. You know, it was one of those weekends I wasn't expecting much from. I had some plans but they could have all been busts.

The events could have been totally lame in and of themselves or I could have been so hating my body that I wasn't enjoying anything. But no!!! This did not happen and I had one hell of a lovely weekend.

First, on Saturday, Justin asked me to join him at the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center Book Fair. There were lectures all day and there were two that he wanted to attend. These could have been extremely lame. They were not! The first was a panel on Telling Your Story. You can see how I might have had some misgivings. This could have been a panel of really marginal, self-published authors talking about themselves for an hour. It happened to be three writers that I enjoy and one that I have every intention of enjoying sometime in the near future. They talked about real stuff. Why "creative non-fiction" is sometimes better than memoir. What audience you should write for (by the way, the answer is yourself). The courage to write whatever the hell you want to write and if you're a good writer, someone will read you. They were funny and smart. I was quite energized by the whole thing.

Later we went to a seminar on getting a literary agent. I need a new agent since I kind of let mine go about 2 years ago. They had a successful agent there - he happens to represent, among many others, the estate of Camus. I am now impressed. He was fucking fabulous. I would love to share everything he said. I wish I had brought a tape recorder so I could remember it all. The end of this is he gave me his e-mail address after the seminar ended and told me to contact him. Yay!!! I am doing that this morning.

Saturday night when I went home, I spent the rest of the night writing out the first inklings of a book I've been talking about writing for years. I think I finally have the material. Very very amped about this whole thing.

Sunday was a total blast. Michael and I went with the gay motorcycle gang, Oedipus, on a ride up to Neptune's Net in Ventura, then up to the Rock Store in Malibu and then through Topanga Canyon. I think we were on the bike a total of five hours. It was so gorgeous. We took some beautiful routes and the ocean was gorgeous. As you all know, I am the whitest girl in white town and I burned the shit out of my arms, despite slathering layers of SPF 92 all over my body. The worst part is I wore a t-shirt and gloves, guess where the burn starts and ends. Totally lame!!!

Anyway, after the ride we went to Mr. S Leather in Silverlake (careful clicking on this link - there is a lot of kink and nakedness) where Michael has been buying all manner of thingies and such. Everyone there was super nice to me despite being the only woman within about a half block of the store. I've decided I want to intern there. Me working there is not all kinky - so get your mind out of there...

This September I'm going to be following in Sara and Peggy's footsteps and taking Introduction to Apparel Construction at Otis College of Art and Design. Mr. S does all the alterations in shop and their work is really exquisite. They work on a lot of latex and rubber but mostly leather and they tailor each piece of clothing to the wearer. I just want to watch them. If they want, I'll empty garbage and pick up fallen snaps off the floor. Whatever, I just want to learn to do what they do. Their work is so perfect - I figure a couple of months of them teaching me everything they know and I'll be able to sew anything.

We left Mr. S hopped back on the bike and headed home where 50 e-mail messages greeted me congratulating Michael and I on our article in Frontiers. I sent out a press release and was so surprised at the response I got.

I'm feeling good people. Woo hoo - that Prozac is just totally working! I should have my brand spanking new camera by Friday so until photos, but more of this would be nice!

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Blogger Christie said...

I love hearing that you had a lovely weekend!
Wow! That's a lot going on over at Mr. S. :D

Blogger Sara said...

I'm so glad you had a great weekend! You definitely needed that. And Mr. S sounds fun and educational -- I'm at work, so I'm not opening the link, but I will at home. Hurray for Prozac!

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