Tuesday, July 19, 2005
Camera broken - can't...go...on...must...get...new...one...

Great. So I went to the Grand Canyon in March. I hiked into the canyon with my camera strapped to the outside of my backpack and smacked it up against the side of the canyon constantly. Here is one of the photos from my trip from a sunrise hike.

Then, in May, Michael and I went to Calico Ghost Town with the Satyrs, a gay motorcycle gang (yes, there really are gay motorcycle gangs. The Satyrs happen to be the oldest continuously operating motorcycle gang in California - gay or straight. They call themselves a club but I like gang better. It sounds way cooler and gives the whole thing an air of danger, despite being a bunch of burping, farting, beer swigging, fairies. There are more gay motorcycle gangs as well - I'll tell you all about them later. The guys are really nice to the lesbian wife, by the way.) Here is a photo from the ride out to Calico.

We don't have saddlebags on our bike yet. They're really expensive - especially since Michael is insisting on hard glossy cases rather than leather which I think are way more bikery. He thinks the hard cases are hotter and they keep out rain, which we get so much of in L.A., especially when the bike is parked in a covered parking garage when it's raining and anytime it's not being ridden. Anyway, on the way home, we strapped our bright yellow RSVP Cruise backpack to the sissy bar (hot...) and headed off. Well, it seems that I might have messed with the bungee cords and the backpack flew off the bike going about 75 mph in the middle of the 15 freeway. With my camera inside. So is it any wonder that now my camera is not working...Crap!!!!

Due to this unfortunate loss, I could not take any pictures of Wesley's 5th birthday. However, it was fun and Wes got some really cool gifts, including a guitar from Aunt Faith and Uncle Michael. He's already a natural. His dad, Shannon, showed him how to hold it and from then on, he was strumming away!

Anyway. Now I need a new camera. This sucks but not as much as some things. I'll try to get one by the end of the week. This week, however, I'll be showing photos from my vast archives. Get used to it.

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You really rock. You are so courageous to be putting yourself out here in the world. I don't let anyone see my writing and I love and admire yours...



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