Wednesday, July 20, 2005
How many levels of hell are there???
OK - so for all of you readers who are still with me, thanks!!! Y'all must be saying to yourselves "OMG - she mentions levels of hell IN THE TITLE!!! This should be a really fun read...not!"

Michael was out of town doing fun, yet truly unspeakable things. I'm not living out loud about him though, so you're not going to hear it from me.

I had a pretty spectacularly hideous weekend. Again with the fun reading!!!

Work was a little overwhelming. I had to do a run, meaning I had to play chauffeur on Sunday and let me tell you, nothing makes me unhappier. Especially since I said I'd NEVER do that again. There I was, in the black suit...crap!

Anyway, I also had an emotional rollercoaster of a weekend involving a sexual assault that happened 17 years ago. All of this freakin' therapy is bringing out things that I had fairly well repressed. Did I need to start having flashbacks on Thursday night? Apparently the answer is a resounding "yes!" I got a lot of support from my therapy team but sleep was a commodity I was very short on. Which does not make for a particularly happy Faith. In fact, Faith gets very cranky and starts talking like Bob Dole when she does not have sleep.

"That is what sleeping pills are for!" you say. Yes. I agree. Not to mention, I have a supply in perhaps six or seven different forms, almost all of them legally obtained - however, phones ringing at 4 a.m. from London clients who are expecting a 24 hour a day business to be open like they said they would is not a conducive environment for taking pills that tend to make me comatose. Boo fucking hoo...

Did anyone see the article in today's L.A. Times about "anti-hipsters"? Well they mention Stitch n' Bitch. We're apparently granny chic!!! Hysterical!!!

Last night we had a particularly amusing evening at SnB. I had to take some notes, it was getting so crazy. At the Santa Monica meeting we can't even drink - unlike WeHo and yet we still talked about Camus and how amusing he is in all of his existentialist nihilism. We talked about Scientology and how freaking crazy they are...(just the opinion of the author people. You can't sue Blogger for that and don't even try suing me. I own an LLC and you can't touch it. The only other possession I have is a 1995 honda civic and frankly, if you really want that, you can have it. I'm not having children - so first borns are out of the question.) We talked about our fake names (which is different from a porn name). I've decided I need a really Jewishy fake name so I've come up with Sophie Rothbergstein. What do you think???

Tomorrow I'll be talking about the article in Frontiers about Michael and me. Tune in tomorrow!!!! Same blog time, same blog channel...


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Anonymous Peggy said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your weekend was so rough. I wish I had known. Always feel free to call me, I always love to hear your voice. So sorry.

Blogger JaneKwonDo said...

Me too. Shitty weekends suck. I hope you are taking good care of yourself!

When does the Frontiers article come out?

Blogger Allison said...

That is hysterical! Can I have a WASPY fake name? How about Muffy Whitlock-Whitherspoon? I went to high school with a girl named Muffy. People will think I own something more than a room full of yarn.

Blogger Allison said...

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Blogger Allison said...

OMG What is Amy's email?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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