Tuesday, August 02, 2005
One of those crazy days
Ever wake up knowing that today just isn't going to be a day you're going to remember fondly? Today?...one of those days. One of the many reasons follows:

I swore to my therapist yesterday that I would get out my manuscript to my (hopefully) future agent today. It is sitting on my desk. I have printed it out. I cannot look at it!!! It stares at me like "bitch, you know you don't want to read me again. You're going to have eighty billion edits and the thing is going to be bleeding with ink - get on with it or throw me away already!!!" That's how I'm feeling this morning. What a shitty way to wake up.

I'm going to force myself to do it. If Ken (future agent extraordinaire) doesn't like it, we'll, I'll jump off that bridge when I get to it.

You know when you were in college and you were writing a paper and it was ok and you knew you'd get a B but if you just took a couple more NoDoz, spent another couple of hours thinking through your hypothesis and doing a quick rewrite you know you would get an A because you had it in you to do a more thoughtful and original paper but you were just so freakin' tired of the whole thing?

Multiply that times 180 pages and that's what I've got sitting on my desk. Clearly I'm procrastinating this morning writing this lovely diatribe. I'm going to pick it up now though.

I could seriously use some encouragement. If you have a sec to write a quick comment, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks everyone!!!
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Blogger Christie said...

GIRL! Shake it off! Today is yours! Put on your wig, send that backtalking manuscript on it's way and let your brilliance do it's work.

And as far as taking No-Doz and rewriting...that's always good, but sometimes you have to let a work breathe [we all need a break from each other] and come back to it with fresh eyes. Life might give you some new insight!

Good luck!

Blogger Sara said...

Take a deep breath *in through the nose, out through the mouth* and take a final stab at it and send it to future-agent-man. You know that it is good. If it needs further edits down the road, you'll come to it, probably with outside assistance (editor, agent, etc.). Have a bit of faith, Faith.

Blogger Faith said...

OK - here's an update. I just sealed the envelope. Not an easy thing. Just getting ready to rip the sticky part off and push it down caused great anxiety but I did breathe through it and threw caution to the wind. If it sucks, there it is. If it rules, there it is. I am taking it to the post office when Michael gets home in about an hour.

Wish me big luck!

Blogger Jacques said...

you can do it!

Blogger JaneKwonDo said...

It is so scary to move outside of the self-limiting parameters we put up around ourselves. The world loves your fabulosity. The world needs your voice.

I am glad that you sealed the envelope. Life loves the live-r of it.

I'll be in line to buy it when it comes out.

Love to you. Thanks for being cool about tomorrow honey.

Blogger ~drew emborsky~ said...

Go for it!! Woo hoo HOO!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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