Friday, May 12, 2006
Ready for the Weekend?
I'm ready for the weekend...however, this weekend's a little bit busy.

Tomorrow morning (Saturday) I have to be at the L.A. Coliseum for the Revlon Run/Walk at .... 5:30 a.m.!! I'm a volunteer - every year for the last 7 years I've done crisis management (or Command Center as they call it - no crises, just situations). Essentially I sit in a big conference room all day with the LAPD, the L.A. Sheriff's Dept., the fire department, the Department of Transportation, the coliseum management and various other representatives. We take care of things like, lost kids, people having seizures, more lost kids, the street sweeper not showing up from the dept. of sanitation, lost kids, a fire in the bleachers and more people fainting of dehydration. It's really fun. I love it which is why I get up the day before Mother's Day every year to do this.

I should be outta there by 2p.m. and I race home to shower, nap before my mom's 60th birthday sock hop. Seriously. She's rented out Cafe '50s and bought piles of candy from her youth.

Sunday is Mother's day so back with La Famiglia for brunch.

I need a nap already.
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Blogger Christie said...

I'll be there...I was going to say that I hope to see you, but considering you're doing crisis management, I hope that it's not under dire circumstances!

Have a great time!

Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Oooooh, you sound like you're gonna have a *great* weekend. Heck, I would get up at 5 am just for the LAPD and LAFD!!! :) Yummy.

I love Cafe 50's - the one on Santa Monica? Have a great time.

Blogger Elizabeth McClung said...

That sounds like a really really cool job - anything could walk through the door and have to be dealt with.

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