Wednesday, May 03, 2006
This morning I went to Whole Foods on my way to work to pick up lunch.

Whole Foods at Fairfax and 3rd is easily the cruisiest market in Los Angeles. Defamer must spend the entire day there looking for Andre 3000 but at 7:30 in the a.m. it is nearly empty but for a few people picking up lunch and a coffee. They do have a pretty decent hot breakfast now but that's another story for another day.

While I was grabbing my POM (because I love that stuff) I was nearly touched by a young woman wearing sunglasses that covered the upper half of her face. Now, people in L.A. do not bump up against each other, lean on one another, or come into any other bodily contact. Most of us do not ride subways and there is enough space that we tend to have a perma-bubble around our safe space.

This woman not only almost touched me, she almost shoved me out of the way.

Very un-L.A.

It was at this moment that I realized that I have begun to pick up on a trend of angry young women in big sunglasses. Let me describe. She is always beautiful. She can be white, black, Asian, Latina or a mix. She is thin. She is driving an SUV and she is in a freakin' hurry. She is 24 - 28 years old and has no time to be polite.

So I wonder, what is she angry about? Is she angry that in order to get into the Sunset Room she cannot have any of the caramel bread pudding that is steaming next to her? Is she angry that she just put 65 dollars worth of premium gasoline in her Navigator? Is she angry because she was just told that she is too short to work for Elite? Has her cellphone been dropping her calls to her agent?

Or, is that all just the surface shit that she thinks she's angry about?

Could it possibly be that she's never going to be perfect? Could it be that instead of spending her days enjoying her job and loving Los Angeles and the smell of night-blooming jasmine that permeates the evening every spring that she spends her days and nights making sure that she:

* remains under her "ideal body weight"
* has perfectly clear and glowing skin
* is wearing this seasons wardrobe including shoes and bags
* her boyfriend's not cheating on her

She has to buy Vanity Fair to make sure she knows what bag to carry and what wedding ring she'll want eventually. She can't garden because she'll ruin her manicure. She's got $35,000 worth of credit card debt and it's not getting any better. She can't bear watching CNN because she knows she should. She feels like an idiot (even though she's not) when she's in a room full of people talking about the war and she knows that if she opens her mouth she'll sound stupid so she just continues to act like she doesn't know anything. She thinks this is the only way to live and this must be pissing her off.

I don't hate this woman. She was so recently an 11 year old girl who was not angry. Don't be angry little girl. I want to let her know.


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Blogger Christie said...

So undeniably true. You forgot the air on entitlement that wafts around these women. It's amazing how someone can act as if the world owes them something when they already have more than they'd ever need.

Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Excellent observations, Miss Faith. I'm waiting for your book of essays on life in L.A. to be published

Anonymous brianne said...

If you don't mind I may take your lead the next time I see one of these (fewer and farther between since I'm on the Central Coast - but they're here too) 'Don't be angry little girl' would feel so appropriate as I AM tall enough to be an elite.

Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Huh. So it's not just me.

I think this person and her equally insane sister/lover/BFF were the ones that attacked me at the gas station. Swear to Gott. Threw the water bottles and hangers they got out of their 2005 BMW at me and my 1998 Dodge.

Go figure.

Blogger Uccellina said...

I remarked on this phenomenon soon after moving to L.A. They make me angry. Hey! Maybe they're angry because someone younger, thinner, and with bigger sunglasses pissed them off already before you saw them? I bet if you traced their anger back to the beginning, you'd find Paris Hilton standing there. With a chihuahua. A chihuahua wearing big sunglasses.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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