Tuesday, May 08, 2007
Carnival of the Liberals #38
While the hills around me burn and it looks as if the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse might ride from the billowing smoke....I bring you Carnival of the Liberals #38

The freak show will now begin. It's heavily slanted toward the tragic circus that is the aftermath of the Virginia Tech shooting but it's profound stuff and gets a little deeper into the background than CNN or the other news networks.

Then we'll lighten it up. I promise.

To begin..........

He's black!
He's gay!
He's a Buddhist!
He's a dad!
He's the reason journalists are afraid of bloggers with press passes...
It's Republic of T! where Terrance makes the connection between school shootings and fag-baiting. Deep within each of these school shooters is a kid who needed to prove that he wasn't queer and outside of them is a bunch of other 15 year old assholes who seem to think that calling a kid "faggot" is kewl.

In the next tent, Terrance liberally quotes Michael Kimmel's article on Masculinity as Homophobia and makes the connection between the entitlement felt in being a white, heterosexual male and how the privileges ain't what they used to be.

In the third of this trinity, Terrance tells it like it is. It is that a lot of our boys are hearing the message that they are expected to "take it like a man." And men don't take it (get fucked) or else they're pussies, faggots, girls. Nevermind that everyone has their limits. Conservatives are bemoaning the "wussification" of America while their sons are picking up Glocks and proving their masculinity.

All in all, it seems like the females in this tent are being...screwed.

Then, The Richmond Democrat makes it easy for me with a beautiful segue. TRD shows graphically that Neal Boortz is not just a boor but a complete and perfected asshole (no offense to actual ass holes), believing the aforementioned wussification of Americans prevented students and professors at Virginia Tech from knowing how to defend themselves against the shooter. Neal. Dude. Between us. I'm not saying you have to be a big bleeding hearted liberal but compassion...look it up in the dictionary.

And since were going down this road, Little Miss Know it All at Truth in Politics sums it all up. We're looking for someone to blame it on and folks, it ain't gonna be as easy as a quick nip/tuck.

Now for a little fun. Come inside and see what freaks of nature lie in wait...

Ahh. See Barry at Staring at Empty Pages. You have never seen the likes of him! He is wild! If you aren't careful he will scare the horses! Protect your children as he parses Terry Gross' interview with George Tenet on NPR. Shield your eyes as he reminds us that Tenet is not the Joe Briefcase he is making himself out to be.

Over on this side of the ring is the Greenbelt. He is indeed freakish as he thinks Wolf Blitzer maybe should not have let Secretary Rice get away with dodging questions about Iraq. Also, maybe he shouldn't have laughed when she plugged a book she has yet to write.

Now ladies and fellas come right up close here for a look as thinkbridge shares the Top 10 Lies about Liberals. A few of them touch on how "soft" we are (see faggots, pussification above).

You'll have to see it to believe it, but apparently Karl Rove is an Atheist and Atheist Revolution shows it all! I'm not sure, but this may just be the freak we don't want to see.

Finally, don't leave the carnival until you check out this anatomical wonder! First Zombie, Laura Bush, tells Ann Curry that "no one suffers more than their president and I do when we watch (coverage of Iraq)." You'll be amazed as Mad Kane brings us sweet song stylings in her Serenade for the First Sufferers.

Thank you for showing up. I'm honored to have you in my humble (and thoroughly wussified) abode.

The next Carnival of the Liberals is hosted by Bora at A Blog around the Clock on May 23. Submit!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled fire watch. (Photos courtesy of the Los Angeles Times)

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Blogger Unknown said...

Great job with the Carnival! I can already tell I'm going to be a regular customer at the Republic of T.

Blogger LadyLinoleum said...

Hey girlie, I need yer email addy. Can you respond to me via ladylinoleum at hotmail dot com? Thanks my girl.

Aw, shucks, thanks for the inclusion. Great job on the Carnival!

Blogger Mad Kane said...

Great job! Thanks so much for including me and for your lovely words about my Laura Bush song parody.

Blogger Mam said...

This is the first I've heard of the Carnival of Liberals and I'm so glad! Great job!

Blogger L said...

Very nice job Faith! Sorry to be so late getting the notices out. *ugh* I think I'm going to go collapse now.

Blogger Fran / Blue Gal said...

all this and she knits too? wow. Great job on the Carnival.

Blogger Orangeblossoms said...

Fabulous Carnival!

psst.... I bought your book (well, the anthology).

It came yesterday. I can't wait to read.

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