Friday, August 10, 2007
The smell of a meme on a Friday morning
I love a good meme on a Friday morning. I also love Spinning Girl who did it before me and left a message (I dig you too...)

Anyway, enough with the mutual admiration and on to the meme.

Be prepared. Still such a girl scout. Actually, if I'm not prepared I'm totally flustered. Great. Another thing to work on...
Average:Not if I can help it.
Age: Physical -- 36. Mental -- Some days 8, other days 61.

Beer: Liquid bread. Still don't like it. You'd think I would.
Birthday: 12/23
Boast: I can eat fire. Seriously. I learned at a Lesbian Nation rally in NYC. Also, I have an incredibly high tolerance for pain. One is not required for the other.

Anyone with above average intelligence. Especially Stephen Lewis.
Car: Currently a very sturdy 1995 Honda Civic - sometime soon, a blinged out 2007 Toyota Prius
Cry: Spent an entire year doing it daily. Nickname: "weepy wife". Much better now.

Spent in my garden and in my craft room are the best days ever.
Dream:To be content.
Dare: to be naive. My favorite quote (buckminster fuller).
Drug: I've done a few. OK, maybe more than a few. Was mostly finished by the time I entered college. "High" school was very.

Mine: Withered like the barren woman I am. Salad: Yum.
Email: I love it. I check it a lot. Send me an email.
Envy: Happy people with self-control.

Right now I'm into savory. I could eat half a cow right now. Gross.
Favorites: P!NK, moroccan blue, Michael Levine, pineapple.
Flaws: Do we really want to go there? I've got some. Don't we all.
Finicky:Not really. I'm a chameleon. I can adapt to just about any situation. Should probably be a little more finicky actually.

I am eternally grateful for my intelligence and that I didn't ruin it with the drugs (see above).
Gifts: Diplomacy.
Gum: That new Mojito gum is freakin' awesome. I don't remember who makes it but I love it.
Gross: Bugs in places they shouldn't be, like inside my house.

Shave it all off, dye it a darker shade or let it grow naturally and just deal?
Height: I could use another inch or two but I'm tall enough to be among the tallest women in the room.
Happiest: I'm like a kid at the toy store these days when I see a new veggie growing in my garden. Accomplishment makes me ecstatic.
Hate: is a very strong word. Unfortunately, I have opportunity to use it honestly.

Ice Cream:
No sugar added. Not as bad as you might think.
Played the drums in junior high. Learned the theme from Dallas. I can still do it.
Idols: People who use what they have to make the world a better place for others to live.
Independence: Abso-freakin'-lutely.

One silver ring. Two diamond studs. Once in a while I get a wild hair up my ass and put on a necklace or a pin...Or a tiara.
Jail: Been there, done that, foreign country. Hated it.
Jammies: kitschy, plaid, flannel. YUMMY!

None of my own - I'm barren, remember? Nieces and nephews, both blood related and not, galore.
Karaoke: Saw my brother-in-law do Crazy Train. My eardrums and eyeballs have not been the same since.
Kicks: Coffee. So much coffee.

My husband. For sticking it out. For being willing to grow. For being the man he is.
Life: Learning to really live it. Finally!
Lost: Sometimes.

Lactose intolerant.
Miss: Yeth?
Movies: Not as into them as most people. I see about one a year. This year it was the Bourne Ultimatum. Last year, Walk the Line.
Memory: Sketchy. Probably all the drugs.

NEED A PEDICURE! Badly. It's a real problem.
No: A word I could use more often.
Name: Was supposed to be Manon but my grandmother forbade my mother from naming me that. It's my middle name. I wish it had been my first name, honestly.
Never: Take a job I don't want, ever, ever again.

Shoe size.
One: Day at a time.
Office: Corner with windows. Seriously. I'm a very, very lucky girl.
Only: one time around.

Pet Peeves:
Mean people. I don't understand it.
Primal urge: To scream at mean people.
Personality: Strong.
Pain: Yes, but getting better.

to laugh
Quirk: Paper rolling. I leave a trail of straw wrappers and magazine blow ins behind me. If you ever find a little rolled up piece of paper, it was probably me.
Qualms: Going back to school.
Quest: To be the best wife to my husband, the best aunt to my niece, the best friend to myself.

Reason to ...:
Be thankful. All of the incredible support I have around me.
Reality TV: Seriously dislike, sign of apocalypse. Except Project Runway.
Rage: Haven't gotten to it yet. It's sitting below the surface and it ain't pretty.
Regret: I've had a few.

Autumn. The colors, the weather, the clothes I get to wear, the holidays. It's all good.
Shoes: Not if I don't have to. I love being barefoot, otherwise I'm really into these shoes from the Walking Store. Super comfy.
Silly: I'm trying. Hard. (heh heh, I said hard)

Ah yes...I loves me my ink.
Time: Is precious. I am working on using less of it procrastinating.
Ticklish: Don't even try it.
Taste: Arts & Crafts. Simple. Clean.
Torment: That I'm not addicted to exercise. I love it once I've done it but doing it...

To shower.
Unpredictable: Once in a while I will catch y'all unaware, but mostly I'm pretty predictable.
Unfortunate: Some of my learned behaviors.
Unforgettable: The day Jeff died, the day we got married, the day we moved into our house.

Zucchini. So much zucchini.
Virgin: Airlines?
Vacation: Grand Canyon. November. Can't wait.
Voice: A little lispy. But powerful nevertheless.

Worst Habit:
Negative self-talk
Wish: To be a stronger woman, physically and mentally
Waste: I have a genetic aversion to it, which may come from Depression mentality and the fact that we have a hoarder in my family. It's another one of those things I'm working on. E-bay and Amazon have actually been my saving grace. I sell a lot more than I buy.
Wander: 40th birthday is my wandering birthday. Michael and me. An RV and weeks to go wherever the roads take us.

My life.
X-Rays: Too many to count.
X-marks the spot: Some day I want to find a treasure. It's a little fantasy of mine. Like I'll find a ring buried in our backyard...It could happen!

Year born:
Yes: to finally learning how to ride a motorcycle.
Yellow: My room growing up. Yuck.
Yearn: To be a better knitter and seamstress.

Zealous: about journaling. I keep it with me constantly and I write whenever I have opportunity. It keeps me honest and keeps me from ruminating.
Zzzz: Sleep is wonderful.

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Blogger æ said...

Love: getting to know faith better.

you card.


Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Holy crap. You really do have a lot of free time on your hands, huh?!

Blogger Faith said...

well mg, I'll tell you a little secret. First, I sometimes do these types of posts ahead of time. Also, I don't have kids or pets - so, yes - more free time than most.

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