Monday, November 19, 2007
Packin' up - packin' out
5 days! 5 days!!

So what do I bring on this solo journey?

Of course I generally need clean underwear and an extra pair of jeans. But what else is essential for a happy vacation alone?

Here is my list of things I never travel without.

  • Ziploc bags - Essential. You just never know. I've used them for laundry, for toiletries, for the remains of a snack that I wanted to save for later.
  • Hand wipes - Again. Never know.
  • A first aid kit - Usually just involves the hordes of band aids, antibiotic ointment and alcohol swabs I already own thrown into a ziploc (see above)
  • Ear plugs - I have been in places that I was sure I'd need ear plugs. Sam's Town, Las Vegas - never needed them. I've been to other places - nice places - where I was on the other end of a headboard that needed to be bolted to the wall. Bring earplugs.
  • Bug spray - I don't care what time of year it is. I get eaten by bugs. One of the worst souvenirs is an ankle covered in welts. Not the worst, certainly.
  • A fake wedding ring - depending on the situation, I wear a fake wedding ring I bought at Macy's for $10 - looks real, doesn't matter that it's not. Basically it tells people (including old ladies looking to set up their grandsons) that I'm not available. If it gets stolen - no big whoop.
  • Camp chair - they're super light and I hauled one along on a sunrise hike a couple of years ago. Never regretted it.
  • The journal I'm currently writing in and a fresh one. Last year I ran out of space in my journal. It was a disaster. Of nightmarish proportions. Equivalent to, say, multi-drug resistant staph or an earthquake. (Hyperbole much?)
  • Instant hot cocoa - mmmmm
  • My iPod - I cannot listen to faith-based radio for 400 miles. I just can't. Not even for curiosity sake. I have a "drive" playlist. It includes some Night Ranger. And Beastie Boys. And some Golden Earring. I'm a total dork.**
  • A candle - I don't know why. I love lighting candles when I'm away from home...
  • A flashlight - It doesn't matter if you're staying in a hotel. Bring a flashlight.
  • A blanket - I have a picnic blanket in my car with a fleecy underside (yay Target!). If I need to use it as a pillow, as a blanket or for it's original intent as a foundation garment for a picnic, there it sits in my car - my trusty blanket. It also happens to be bright red - so I can use it if I need to flag someone down.
  • 3 books - I just never know what I am going to want to read at any given moment. Fluff, good fiction, drama? I just don't know. I'm thinking about getting Valerie Plame's highly redacted book Fair Game. Sounds juicy.
  • Scissors - you just have no idea how handy these come in...

New things I'm going to try this year:

  • My dream camera - Purchased for my trip by one loving and wish-granting genie known as my husband. He's awesome. And really hot.
  • an electric kettle so I have hot water in my room for cocoa and soup!
  • an audio language lesson on my iPod (Yiddish, if you must know - cause that's how I roll)

**By the way, my playlist also includes Justin Timberlake. And Britney (Toxic). And Ozzy (Crazy Train). Why, oh why do I feel the need to confess to all of th....Salt n' Pepa!!!! OK! And Nick Gilder! only gets worse.

I'm not kidding.

I do have some episodes of This American Life podcast. Does that help at all?

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Blogger Laurie Ann said...

Nothing says driving music like a little Radar Love. I heart your playlist--except for Britney 'cause I have some standards.

Blogger adnohr said...

Come on, no Original Cast Recording of Jesus Christ Superstar? That's essential solo road trip sing-along music right there. I know, Jewish, but so was Jesus!

Have fun,
love nod.

Blogger Faith said...

Yeah - I've got Radar Love. Essential.

I do not, however, have any show tunes. If it has been used in a musical, it is not on my iPod. If it's by Sondheim, Hammerstein, or ALW, I can't do it. It's visceral.

Blogger Annika said...

Whooo, Salt 'n Peppa! Have a wonderful trip. I can't wait to hear all about it ans see pictures!

Blogger lauren said...

Have an amazing trip and be ultra safe!!!!!!!
xoxo Lauren

Blogger Ellen Bloom said... you're studying Yiddish! Good for you. You might want to add Mickey Katz to your playlist. He wrote parodies of pop songs from the 40's to the 60's using Yiddishisms....very funny. My "Hanukkah in Santa Monica." BTW, Mickey Katz was Joel Grey's dad! Soch a talent femily, Dahlink!

Have a great trip!

Blogger dale-harriet said...

I would SO ask if I could go along but then it wouldn't be "solo", would it. And yes, it's a stretch but This American Life makes up for a multitude of ills, including Brittany (isn't it too grand?) DO have an Adventure, and I'll be waiting for the commentary too.

Blogger gjm said...

You need one more thing in your must haves for travel...either an old table cloth or old plastic shower curtain. Great for keeping clean when changing a tire, a cover for less than clean rest stop table, emergency rain cover, under a sleeping bag to keep ground dampness/cold from seaping in, even a "blanket" best if a flannel backed table cloth. Have a great trip!

Blogger Orangeblossoms said...

Sounds just right. Have a great adventure!

Blogger yasmine said...

I'm traveling soon, too, although it's not a roadtrip - but, seriously, your list is so helpful! Thanks. =)

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