Monday, October 15, 2007
Ookie, Spooky and Kookie

It's a spooky Edition with ghosts and ghouls
Filled with shrieks and terrors and creeping fools
All the uglies will be doing a Hallowe'en dance
Whilst Senator Craig demonstrates his stance

Zombies crawl from their decrepit graves
As Cheney ascends from his labyrinths of caves
The AG will be there, his eyes a bit shifty
So join me here for Carnival of the Liberals #50!

The Carnival is on October 24, which means, get your scariest, ugliest, most horrifyingly gruesome posts up at the submission boneyard by Saturday, October 21st.

  • I'll look at anything.
  • I'll read it if you've got a scythe-sharp liberal mind.
  • I'll select the 10 spookiest posts.
  • I'll see y'all in hell....

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Blogger dale-harriet said...

Ooooh, I'm FIRST! [cackling} I love Halloween absolutely the BEST, but I'm not so clever; still, I may give something a shot.

PS If I ever get to LA can I hang with you and Laurie sometime? I'm an old Jewish-Pagan Unrepentent Hippie with biracial children who knits... [more cackling]

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