Friday, September 26, 2008
Some photos from the event!!!
This photo is from the set up. Look how hard all the bikers are working... no really, everyone worked very hard.

You can see in this photo the table runners - hand sewn black denim (by me) and the steel centerpieces done as a collaborative process with my brother. The banners you see in the background are from other clubs in the Los Angeles area, both past and present. (by the way, I have a lot of black denim in 18 x 1.5 foot strips. Ideas?)

This is, of course, me and my lovely husband.

These images are during the dinner portion of the event. These are a few of the members of the club. The bandanna as napkin idea was mine and executed by one of the other club members. The program at each place setting was designed by Michael.

Michael was the emcee of the entertainment portion of the event. Here he is on stage surrounded by floral arrangements from two other clubs, the Satyrs and Avatar.

More photos to come!


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Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Wow! Everything looks great! Congratulations on a stand-out event!

Blogger penny said...

what an amazing looking event.

as for the denim, i dunno, maybe rip a bit thinner and then braid/knit/crochet rugs?

Blogger Allison said...

Wow, Faith!!! You are one badass crafty lady! Everything looks amazing and those centerpieces - wow! What are you doing with them?

Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

I'm just catching up - Is it me, or are you and Michael reverse aging?! I swear you both look younger than the last time I saw you.

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