Monday, December 29, 2008
A plea to Israel
In this round of:

"I kill you!"
"You kill me? I kill you!" ad nauseum.

The Palestinians and Israelis are back at it. As an American Jew who only lived in Israel a short time, I know I have no entitlement to tell Israel how to run it's country (unlike a host of other Americans who think because they are Jewish, they have a say in this thing). I do, however, have an opinion and I'm going to share it.

Stop it already. I realize that the Palestinians have been lobbing rockets into S'derot and other border cities. I realize Israeli citizens have been killed and I understand that a government needs to protect it's citizens. But seriously. Stop it. There has to be another way. Bombing Palestinian cities has never worked before. What makes you think it is going to work this time? All it does is make children vow revenge for murdered parents and siblings raising yet another generation of warmongers.

Please stop it. I know Hamas does not want to sit down at a table with the Israeli government and I don't have a wise answer for this problem but I beg you and all of the philosophers and military strategists you have at your disposal to find another way.

On a personal note. I can barely watch these news reports. They actually hurt me. All of these people on both sides with so much potential, either dead or maimed or using all of their human potential to find a better/faster/more ingenious way to kill or injure people on the other side of the line. We are, all of us, better than this.

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Well said, girlfriend.

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You got a "a-men".

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