Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Hope-y change....change-y hope?
It's all about the change-y hope around here parts. Because of so many donations, I am heading over to the Jeff Griffith Youth Center on Friday! Fully 32 days before my deadline with two lawn and leaf bags full of underwear, socks, washcloths, bras, shower gel, soap, mouthwash, sweatshirts, socks, and all kinds of other stuff these kids need.

Frank at the Youth Center was super sweet and very grateful for y'alls help.

If anyone wants to bring stuff to Stitch n' Bitch, I will definitely be there this week. Here's the list of what is desperately needed:

Unused stuff
hotel-sized toiletries

Used OK
Pants (this is a big one! Men's and women's of any sizes)

Thanks everyone!!!

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Blogger Mary Jane said...

Hi, I want to help out, but I live in PA! Please email me if it would be possible to mail things directly to you, or to the organization that needs the items!

Thank you!

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