Thursday, November 13, 2008
Proposition 8 Allies
So, in all fairness, I've been giving a lot of information about those who worked against equality and I'd like to remedy that a bit.

Here are some of the companies that we should be supporting with our equality-loving $$$$

Puma Springs Vineyard looks like my kind of place and I don't even drink! Barbara and Tony, the straight owners donated $35,500 to the NO on 8 campaign. I think I might just raise a glass to them!!! If you're planning a wine tour - I'd spend time with this lovely couple (BTW - they rent sheep to weed the vineyards!!!)

GreenDirt Landscape Design made a contribution of $11,500 - how did Mr. Wolk know I was looking for a landscape designer? The next time you are, have I got a guy for you!!!

Aanraku Glass Studios sells gorgeous materials for art lovers and stained glass artists alike. They donated $1001!

Dolby Laboratories - Ray and Dagmar Dolby have been allies from the way back. They donated $135,000 - yes. You read that right. Thanks Dolbys!!! I'm not sure how to support them but you can smile when you see that Dolby Surround logo!!!

You can also geek out to Star Wars as Mr. Lucas and LucasFilm donated $100,000.

Throw on your 501s as Levi Strauss - also a longtime supporter donated $25,000. And head to Circus Disco (!) where owner Eugene La Pietra donated $100,000! Hopefully the DJ be playing Fall Out Boy who donated $50,000! If not, you can put their new single on your Apple iPod as Apple donated $100,000 as well!

If you know of any other allies I should be noting - please leave in comments!

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Blogger Gwen said...

Google's founders gave $140,000. Not that anyone needs to be told to use Google. :)

Blogger Allison said...

Where should people donate money now to do the most good for overturning Prop 8?

Blogger Raphael said...

You can donate to Lambda Legal,

Blogger Raphael said...

Also, ACLU and National Center for Lesbian Rights.

Frankly, these organizations have done way more for us than HRC!!!

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