Friday, November 21, 2008
Make 'em Laugh!
Proposition 8 passage getting you down? Not finding any humor in it at all?

Lizard OC, a regular of the commentariat at Shakesville has put up a blog that has been making me giggle for the last couple of weeks. I thought (duh) I should share it with y'all. It's chock to the brimstone (he he) with comments from around these here internets by fundies who are making terrible (just TERRIBLE) arguments against same sex marriage followed by a bit of snarky commentary by Lizard. Here's a sample.

“I love my dog, my car, my children, and my jaw line. Because love is the bases for marriage then I should be able to marry all those items. In fact, I can recieve dental benefits because I am in love with my teeth and we are wed in California. I can wait till i get rectile benefits for my colonoscopy every week to diminish testing HIV positive: the disease of homosexuality.”

Can somebody call Shonda Rimes? Because I can see this as a terrific storyline for a Very Special Episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Man arrives at hospital with teeth and wedding ring hopelessly lodged in own genitalia; Izzie falls in love with him and steals another patient’s dentures to keep him alive and chewing; heartfelt pop music plays; Meredith realizes that her mother always loved her own jawline more than she loved her daughter; and many, many jokes are made about “rectile dysfunction.” Seriously.

Go get more at Fundamentally Flawed.
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