Friday, March 20, 2009
Faves of the week
First - some news.

ShakesQuill is the artistic/creative affiliate of Shakesville - as Liss, the owner and founder of Shakesville writes:
Shakesville is a feminist blog, and a feminist's blog. It is a progressive blog. It is a safe space. It is a community. It is a blog whose contributors are resolved to endeavor always to be aware of our privilege, and, in moments of failure, remain open to criticisms and suggestions, think twice before responding defensively, and apologize when we fuck up. We expect the same of those who want membership in the community. No one is expected to be perfect; everyone is expected to be willing to self-examine and learn. Forward movement, progress, on cultural, political, and individual levels is woven into the fabric of Shakesville.

We blog about domestic politics, foreign policy, high culture, pop culture, books, film, telly, food, the patriarchy, oppression, repression, religion, philosophy, parenting, not parenting, marriage, cats, why women's trousers have so many buttons, and anything else that we feel like discussing. With photos. Many of them doctored for maximum hilarity.

All are invited. Whether you are welcome is up to you.

So, I am thoroughly honored and more than a little humbled to announce that I have been chosen as the new editor of ShakesQuill. I encourage you to submit your writing and creative endeavors.

And now on to the fun. It's Friday and I thought I'd put up some of my favorite things for the week of March 16 - 20. In my opinion, each and every one of these is worth clicking on. Really.

Here's 9 things just because I like 'em odd.

1. This t-shirt. It's funny cause it's true.

2. This movie. Can't.freakin.wait.

3. This project. So cute.

4. This gardening idea. Clever, clever!

5. This piece of technology. I'll never lose mine again!

6. This statement. I want a poster made for my craft room.

7. This website. Oh, the things I could make....

8. This abso*fucking*lute ridiculousness. Oh, come on. A master's in science? Really?

9. This made me laugh so hard I almost peed myself. And it's so, so wrong.

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Blogger MM said...

I just laughed so hard I cried! Thanks for posting this. Glad you're blogging again... I've missed you!

Blogger Laurie Ann said...

1. Yes it is.
2. Me too!!! I LOVE that book.
3. There's a button I'd never lose.
4. Neat-O!
5. Cool, but what if you lose your keys?
6. I never got the "Remain Calm..." one. This is a sentiment I can get behind.
7. Crafty.
8. Finally, I can get my BA in Copyology and my MA in Faxism.
9. Brits are weird.

Blogger Faith said...

Brits are, indeed, very, very weird.

And as for you Marisa -- I've figured out a schedule since now I've got ShakesQuill, my blog and a few other projects in the works, I really needed to get my act together and work on a timeline so I should be blogging A LOT more often.

Woo hoo!

Blogger Faith said...

Oh, btw crafty folks, Expo Design Center is closing in Westwood and it's a crafter's freaking heaven. Carpet and tile samples for $1 and tons of other stuff at 40-60% off. Draperies, door and drawer handles, chairs, rugs, silk flowers, and more. It's getting kinda bare in there but I highly recommend it if you've got some ideas.

Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

"...remain open to criticisms and suggestions, think twice before responding defensively, and apologize when we fuck up."

I *LOVE* that. I wish I could live up to it.

Oh, and immediately sent the medicine t-shirt to my doctor friend. :)

Blogger Deodand said...

Re: #9 - Who got to pose for the mold, I wonder?

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